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  1. My origin tutorial was from 2007 and I changed how I did things. 

    I used 2 lengths of 3 inch wide white elastic for the base. This was covered both sides by either natural or white canvas. You can whiten the natural with shoe whitener for extra screen accuracy. The length of the belt needs to overlap around 4-5 inches to close in the back. Use around 4-5 inches of 2 inch wide Velcro to close. No need for any plastic insert, this will be strong enough. My belts had 4 layers. I use zigzag stitch the sew together and straight stitch for the Velcro. 

  2. I just love me an ESB stormtrooper. I am working on one now as it happens. Wow it’s been forty years since it was released at the cinema!


    Im still using TK4510 decals, Mike has been supplying these for years. I am sure that you can probably get more accurate silk screen printed decals from somewhere but I am happy with Mikes for now. 

    Thise snow trooper style hand plates are available from a wide range of sources. Rubber or satin material gloves long enough to remain under the forearms. And a nice leather holster pretty much round up all that’s needed for conversion. 

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  3. I just went over the the other forums and read the lot. 

    I am embarrassed to be part of the UKG at this time. Some of those people are in top posts and their attitude sucks balls. 

    As a costumer, I cannot fathom who on earth can not give respect to people who are lucky enough to be in a position to get their hands on any screen used prop, and have the guts to make accurate copies for others at the risk or ruining an item that can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

    just unbelievable. 

    I have huge respect for people like Mark and Joe for doing this and I think that being up front and completing above board business practices is paramount and deserves the respect of others. 

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  4. On 2/1/2020 at 10:27 PM, BlasianStormtrooper said:

    How do you put it on? Do you use a Q-tip to do it? Or what? Also do you have the Black series helmet? Did you put it on before you put yours together or after? If you got it later while it was already put together did you take your helmet apart to put it on? 

    Just spray a small amount on a lint free soft cloth and wipe on before putting helmet on. 

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  5. Hi I’ve been out of things these last few years minding my own business, trooping only occasionally, so I’m a little out of the loop. 


    Have I missed something, as I’ve just been reading build threads younger than celebration Europe II, and people are still using #15 to paint their ab buttons?


    I stopped using this around 2008? 


    Whats going on? What have I missed?

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