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  1. Sorry, another question, what’s better ABS or PVC? And what does everyone prefer between the ANH and ESB suits?
  2. Ah thanks heaps, yeah wow, they have many differences....now that’s a hard decision lol
  3. Hey guys, I’ve decided after much research to go with the RS Prop Masters fully commissioned suit, a question I have is, does it matter if it’s a ‘A New Hope’ or ‘Empire Strikes Back’ for 501st approval? Cheers in advance
  4. Thanks so much guys, a very thorough response, all very informative, will get onto it straight away, cheers Rich
  5. Hey all, Just thought I’d post a quick introduction, my name is Richard, I’m from Australia, I’m an avid Starwars fan, and have been since I saw Starwars when it first came to the Cinema in 1977 lol. I’ve always had an interest in the 501st and have watched many videos of other Garrisons around the globe. I’m super keen to become a member of the Southern Cross Garrison in the capacity of an Imperial Storm Trooper. I’d love to build my own suit, but time doesn’t permit me to with work. I’d actually love to buy a ready to wear suit and make the minor alterations if need for approval. I know there are many companies that sell the Storm Trooper suit as a complete set, although from what I’ve read, a lot are not movie correct and would not pass approval. So I’m saying this, is there any advice you could give me on what company I could buy a ready to wear, and one that would be approved, or would need minor mods to become approved? Cheers in advance, Kindest Regards Rich
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