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  1. Thanks for the through and awesome response. I have some work to do over Christmas break! Good time to use up some PDO and get to work Thanks again!
  2. Updated photos - cleaned up the frown. Thank you for looking and the recommendations.
  3. Armor purchased from ATA Helmet also from ATA Blaster 3d printed by myself https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/51017-a-certaintk-ata-anh-stunt-build-first-build/ TK 96119 Diamond Garrison Matthew Certain 6'2" 220 LBS Boots by ImperialBoots Canvas belt by TrooperBay Hand guard by TrooperBay Holster by DarmansProps Armor Photos 1.Full Body Front 2.Full Body Back 3. Full Left 4. Full Right 5. Left Side Detail 6. Right Side Detail 7. Action shot Armor Details 8. ___ Abdomen button plates (close-up) 9. ___ Cod and posterior plate connections showing rivet/snaps (exterior) 10. ___ Interior strapping 11. ___ Wrist openings (close-up) 12. ___ Close-up of ab/kidney rivets 13. ___ "Han" snap 14. ___ Left sniper knee plate close up 15. ___ Right sniper knee plate close up 16. ___ Left thigh ammo pack rivet close up 17. ___ Right thigh ammo pack rivet close up Helmet Detail Photos (UPDATED PHOTOS) 18. ___ Front 19. ___ Left side 20. ___ Right side 21. ___ Rear 22. ___ Back-lit shot showing lens color Lens color (Backlit if necessary) 23. ___ Close-up of Hovi tips Hovi tip detail Accessory Photos 24. ___ Neck seal 25. ___ TD (Thermal Detonator) front 26. ___ TD Rear, showing close up of screw type. 27. ___ Holster attachment 28. ___ ABS/canvas belt (rear) 29. ___ Boots (showing tops and sides) 30. ___ Rubber gloves Blaster left side Blaster right side
  4. Requesting 501st member access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33867
  5. My armor was accepted by my GML . I now have my TK# and am a part of the Diamond Garrison. I am going to try an move forward and get my armor reviewed for expert Infantryman. Thanks again to everyone here who commented.
  6. Added some additional strapping inside, I think it is helping quite a bit: after new elastic added inside:
  7. I am using the older style elastic with the brackets - I might swap these out for either stronger elastic or nylon straps with snaps. That way they will stay in position and the shoulder or lower elastic will stretch instead...
  8. One problem I am running into is my height- Once I have everything on, I have a gap between my chest and torso. Same on the back. If I push the chest down some, it does not fit as well in the chest . You can see here, the shoulder bells do not fit very tight. I might need to do a warm water bath to make them a little wider to fit my shoulders. The back piece does not fit directly on my back, you can see through the gap. Another piece I might need to do a warm water bend on the top of the back to flatten it out some.
  9. Thanks to anyone who takes a look at my build thread. This is my first time armor build. Name: Matt Certain Height - 6 foot 2 inches tall Weight - 220 lbs Being a little bigger and taller this should be an interesting build. I purchased my armor from ATA at the start of 2020 and have been working on it since. I am a little late starting my thread, but better late than never. Below is from the BBB day, I will post pictures of where I am now in the process.
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