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  1. I'm no expert but I used plasti-dip....$5 a can at home depot. Its great stuff and I used lacquer thinner to clean the overspray off. 4 coats adds just enough weight to make it feel more substantial and cut out the sound a bit so the mic and hearing electronics don't feedback.
  2. I'm hoping this is in the right place and it doesn't step on admin toes. I am wanting to know how tall your thigh armor should be. I understand its not a given height because we are not all the same height and ...human physiology is a huge consideration. That being packed, where should the bottom of the thighs reach when they are in place....do they allow you to bend your knee at all? Bend your knee slightly or bend it at 90 deg? I'm hoping im doing this right...not alot to go on. The person helping me stopped responding because I guess I asked that 1 too many questions about a
  3. Here is my first tk faceplate. I took my time and used references for it. Im sure there are a thousand things wrong because I'm new to this and I'm not the best hand painter.
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