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  1. Thanks justjoseph63, so assume StormtrooperStore.com is not recommended (is it an off shot of Jedi Robe)?
  2. Hi all, it's been a while since I posted last and today I am expecting delivery of my first RS Stormtrooper kit . At the time I didn't order any of the soft parts including boots, neck seal, holster, canvas belt, body suit, voice changer or gloves as I had seen a number of items online (StormtrooperStore.com being one of them) at varying costs as RS is at the top end. Is there a one stop shop in the UK anyone can suggest that is approved? Thanks.
  3. Again thanks for your advice and input. I am looking for a screen accurate version (and will meet 501st admission criteria) so will go for the 1.5mm ABS.. Really looking forward to it. Thanks again.
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for all the responses and plan to get my first kit from RWA based on your feedback. Now need to decide between the 2m ABS or the Acrylic capped (£50 difference) so any thoughts appreciated.
  5. Hi, this is great and I'm looking at my first Stormtrooper set (ANH) and can see in the UK it's between RS and RWA as both appear to be based on the originals but costs differ significantly i.e. RS £895 (sadly missed the pandemic special) and RWA £490 and would ask is there a difference ? Appreciate anything anyone can share or any other providers as will not be ordering anything on ebay
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