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  1. Thanks a lot to the DO and to all of you guys I will go through your well detailed suggestions and try to do my best to fullfill them in order to reach the next level! Just a thing about the helmet: I have a very BIG head and a kylo-ren size nose and I assure my top padding is thin, so I'm not quite sure how to pull down my helmet a little more but I'll figure something out. Thanks again Sam
  2. Hi guys and thanks for the suggestion, I finally managed to add them
  3. Armor Maker: RWA Creations Helmet Maker: RWA Creations Blaster Maker: Shear Tech Height/Weight: 184 cm/72 kg Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Hand Guard: RS Prop Masters Sam
  4. That is so cool! Can't wait to see the back pack and already thinking about painting my armor EDIT Unfortunately, repainting my ANH stunt is not an option: like many other stormtroopers of the series it is based on the rogue one type, according to the picture :-(
  5. Hi folks TK51085 requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31815 thanks
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