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  1. It looks like I only have .12 MB left to post? I'm trying my best to downgrade the resolution, but I'm kinda out of ideas here unless I host elsewhere. I should probably host pictures elsewhere?
  2. Helmet progress Here it is just unpacked. Anticipating a lot of work on seams and pretty sure I want to remove those greeblies and add new ones (I don't see a realistic way to fix them). Also the tube stripe slots did not make it out of the casting with a lot of definition. I am brainstorming on how to cut those out properly. Question: Does anyone drill holes in the "mesh" for ventiliation? I mean maybe here, under the nose cover? Made progress with the inside. Used the Dremel plastic cutting wheel. This thing is amazing. Even though it's a pretty thick layer of ABS, I was able to cut and carve after some practice pretty easily. Forum noob question: Am I only allowed to post a certain MB limit amount each day? Or am I limited by some kind of seniority?
  3. My first build: TFA FOTK. So I'm doing this thing. Kit arrived March 2020. Then, as everyone is painfully aware, things happened. Also, looming fear of messing something up, but I'm just going to DO THE THING. I apologize in advance that I may not be posting regularly. I have a short stay-cation in August before I'm working full time and simultaneously helping my 3rd grader get through online schooling (NBD, right?). I am leaning heavily on the supply list from this post: I will update this post with additional supplies and links as I go. Supply list (updated as I go) --------------------------------------------------------------------- ABS Armor kit: https://850armorworks.com/First-Order-c36176027 Dremel 1-1/4 in. Rotary Tool Carbide Cutting wheel for plastics: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dremel-1-1-4-in-Rotary-Tool-Carbide-Cutting-Shaping-Wheel-for-Use-on-Woods-Fiberglass-Plastics-and-Laminates-543/202315728 3M sanding sheets - Pro Grade Precision 400, 100, 60 Grit: https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Pro-Grade-Precision-9-in-x-11-in-400-Grit-X-Fine-Advanced-Sanding-Sheets-4-Pack-26400PGP-4/205415931 The old N95 masks I had in storage because 2020 is the worst I'm starting with the helmet. I will make it a goal to do some video, but cutting and sanding ABS is not kind to cameras or cell phones. Ok, a little afraid again but DOING THE THING!!
  4. Does this mean you can take your thermal detonator on and off? I think that's what I'm seeing...
  5. Any source on lens material for an FOTK helmet? Apologies if this is a total noob question. I really, really looked. I see green lens material being used in different trooper builds, but I don't know if that's appropriate for FO.
  6. OMG I saw the FO Battle Group in the email, re-read it like 3 times and I still couldn't find it. Thank you!
  7. Hello! I'm ready to start my first Stormtrooper build. I'm going with a First Order TK (am I doing this right)? I've done cosplay off and on, and I especially love building props. I decided to join for a few reasons. I'm trying to push myself to the standards of the 501st - I've always been a little obsessive about details, so I wanted to turn that into a goal with a reward I also love what I see the 501st does in the community. You bring smiles to kids faces, you volunteer for charity events, and with the recent pandemic, I see a lot of you are real life front-line heroes too. My daughter is also a Star Wars fan, so I want to do something to make her proud. I got my kit recently and I just laid everything out today. I'm feeling overwhelmed (the thermal detonator pieces took me waaaay too long to figure out, LOL), but I'm making a plan and looking forward to working on it in the warmer weather (if it would ever get here!)
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