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  1. You are all awesome! Happy to be here! And I hope i don't have to adjust much either but I can work it somehow! Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I appreciate it! Will do! This is my first time doing a completely white and shiny armor. I have a FO Snowtrooper kit from WTF I'm working on as well.
  3. Hey everyone! So I am from New Mexico with Dewback Ridge Garrison. Been a while since I have done an introduction thread. But I used to have a OT ANH TK. I sold it to my older brother when I was having a difficult time with financials. But I am in the process of receiving a First Order TK from a friend for a good price. It has some work that needs to be done to it but I am excited to work on it. In the future I hope to have that ANH TK again. Can't wait to get started! Thanks!
  4. TB 23351 requesting 501st access. 501st link: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17301&costumeID=6
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