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  1. Seems like there are quite a few new members also from Florida! Welcome! It looks like I would also be in Makaze. Perhaps we’ll be trooping together sometime in the future. Looking forward to seeing your build, and that idea of trying out being a Handler sounds pretty solid; I may have to try that out myself.
  2. This thread is extremely valuable for me just starting out, thank you so much for sharing all the details and great photos!
  3. Great photos and info so far; going to keep an eye on this thread and follow your progress!
  4. Thanks, I’m in the treasure coast, which is an hour and a half southeast of Orlando
  5. Thanks! I ended up getting a ANH Hero kit from AP. Hoping to have it by January or so, and start building by February.
  6. Welcome Jeremy, my name is also Jeremy, also a newbie from Florida lol. Hopefully we'll both be trooping this coming year!
  7. Hi, my name's Jeremy, and I'm currently on the east coast of Florida looking into building a TK (probably from the Original Trilogy). Still trying to wrap my head around all of the options out there for what's most affordable but also good quality. Maybe I'll meet some people from the area on here. I wore armor once years and years ago into a WalMart and loved the feeling of being in costume. Can't wait to build my own soon!
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