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  1. TK14261 requesting access to install chicken wire on the forum exhaust ports. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31400
  2. Thanks again Dan, Q and Joseph! I will start a thread over in another area on the modifications suggested, definately going to go for them but I want to make sure I understand and get advice before I put my software engineering skills onto hardware. Um, how do I tell the difference between the left and right shoulder bells? The look *almost* identical to my untrained eye. One has a slightly wider cover strip at the base of the bell, and is slightly more concave on one section on when you look at it in a certain light than the other bell. I can tell that the bell I had on my right shoulder has the thicker strip. Is there something I am missing?
  3. Thanks, I can't believe I mixed up the shoulders, how embarrassing! Thanks for letting me know about that, the BBCODE and the eyebrow. I have a team of rebel scum working on it right now...
  4. 1. First/last name: Stuart Whelan 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area: Outpost 42, New Zealand 3. Armor maker: RS 4. Helmet maker: RS 5. Cloth belt maker: RS 6. Neck seal maker: RS 7. Boot maker: RS 9. Blaster maker: RS 10. Gasket maker: RS 11. Height: 172cm 12. Weight: 84kg 13. TK type: ANH Stunt 14. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build: TK15557 motivated me to just get on with it and get moving. I am an IT guy and I couldn't work out how to get my images to show in the post. I hang my head in shame. Gallery of images: https://imgur.com/a/ZfIs89a
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