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  1. Since Star Wars first showed on the big screen way back in 1979 it was part of my life in one way or another. From action figures to the vehicles, the costumes at Halloween (back then they were horrible by today's standards) growing up it sparked the imagination. Then as an adult the revival of it all with the series restarting and eventually continuing the story past what we already knew from the first 3 released. The novels, comics, the old and new characters fanned the embers of the passion that never died completely. I always thought about making a stormtrooper armor set but my skill was vastly overshadowed by imagination. What I envisioned was beyond my reality to make. The other day I chanced a purchase on a good deal even if just its basic appearance (not accuracy) was a start. I am awaiting its delivery today or Monday and in anticipation I reached out to the local garrison to say hi, introduce myself and let them know I will need their input on if I made a purchase that will work or need modifications or if its destined to be turned into a zombie stormtrooper while I continue to work on getting an accurate version. No matter what happens they all said I need to come check out here as the definitive spot to find info on the trooper. One said "There is more information there than anyone even realizes". So here I am, saying hi and warning that I am going to be picking minds and pillaging information already here...and the Empire has a new recruit.
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