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  1. Hello everyone, random visitor here, loving th work you are doing, have done. I used one of these way back in the late 70s as a cadet in West Germany, and early 80s. I was only 14 the first time and it was great fun, had to do the classroom bit first of course as all military training requires competence in the basic handling before you get on the the range for live firing. Had a great time at an agricultural show here in the UK where a couple of squaddies were manning a display with one of these chained to a table, I just happened to mention I could strip and rebuild it almost blindfolded, ( we had to learn how to do it in the dark as well!) They overheard me and didn't beleive a freckle faced kid in school uniform could, so they bet me £5 and I proved I could, easiest fiver I ever earned! Anyway, I am interested in building one of these as a display model and have been trying to find the files to download and print A4 for 38.1 mm tube, all the ones I see aren't usable as is and I really want to do this right. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks for such a fantastic project, you have done great work!
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