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  1. Hello there! My TK was just approved but I've been a member of the Southern California Garrison for a year now (Juno Eclipse & Tie Reserve). I'm also a member of Sunrider Base/Rebel Legion (Holdo, Jedi, Padme, Leia). My goal was to finish my plastic space man before my 50th Birthday - goal achieved! Great to be among the ranks. All the best, Michelle Waxman TK-51166
  2. Happy to be your Southern California Garrison friend that wouldn't shut up til you joined LOL! And super proud my TK was just approved a week after yours, my 3rd 501st costume. Now I have to convince you to schlep your armor to LA to troop with us!!!
  3. Requesting full access - TK-51166 RogueShadow516 (Michelle Waxman). Thanks. Here is my profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28114
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