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  1. If its is regards to the round ends. Will I cut them straight and then rounded the bottom. The ammo packs are fine as is. Thigh closure is easy just swap ova velcro to close the right way. Sniper plate I have fixed. But need to fill 2 holes.
  2. Just had a quick read of the thigh reqs and it says nothing about been rounded or square. So unless someone can show me that its a requirement that would be good.
  3. And ammo packs well I have looked at that. Problem is sanding it will I hooe solve it. If not well may have to get new ones.
  4. Im using Gorilla grip. Also on the thighs I have made a belt with snaps and doing away with the shoulder harness. The whole main body will be snaps and floating shoulder straps with under elastic . It will all be 1. So all I do is step into it. No more this part then this part. Also belt will be canvas as requested. That will have to wait as postage takes about a month. Its a full strip down and rebuild. If I get time I will post so pics.
  5. Ok. To work I go. Thanks for your info. Once Im done will post again.
  6. All calves have velcro. So can we just show pics with edit in the places you think need to be fixed. And what I need to get approval thats all I need.
  7. The belt is ABS. So from what you are saying I need to change screws to get it right.
  8. https://imgur.com/fz0KAJe https://imgur.com/SxjZg4I https://imgur.com/eePDxZy https://imgur.com/CGTf03o https://imgur.com/j2XEp8S https://imgur.com/xeBDkFH https://imgur.com/zoCS6nR https://imgur.com/wdxj9Ma https://imgur.com/vYiKMbf https://imgur.com/MDVMnnI https://imgur.com/nSOXkKD
  9. 1. First/last name: Jayson Knight. 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area: Desert Scorpion Garrison 3. Armor maker: Original Stormtrooper 4. Helmet maker: Original Stormtrooper 5. Cloth belt maker: 6. Neck seal maker: Darmans Props 7. Boot maker: Funtasma 8. Interior strapping (optional): Original Stormtrooper and Myself 9. Blaster maker (if applicable: Cassemporium 10. Gasket maker (if applicable): Darmans Props 11. Height (optional): 5,10 12. weight (optional): 207lbs 13. TK type (ANH Stunt/Hero. ESB, ROTJ. TFA etc.): ANH - Stunt 14. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. gmrhodes13 mainly.
  10. Will post on the pre approval. Just waitn on blaster and holster. And need to trim around the arm bands and adjust the strap. Maybe x ova will help. Thighs need some adjustment. And the gloves need to change. This is an Original Stormtrooper. Noticed the eyes have a lip and a small amount to clean up. Also the belt needs maybe a bit more velcro. So still a bit to fix and change
  11. Awesome thread. I'm looking at changing some stuff on my suit to make it a bit more comfortable. So this is helping heaps. Keep up the great work.
  12. Ok, so my first try on. Before you mention it, I know x the strap, didn't on this occasion. Gloves must go, hate them like doing the dishes. The belt needs more Velcro. And some minor file on the eyes. Also Velcro on the thigh pads. Deck out the helmet with fans and hovi speakers. So any other suggests if you can see any guys would help me out.
  13. Hi, I am new currently signed with the Desert Scorpion Garrison run out of Perth. I'm just wanting to say thanks for the accept. Looking forward to getting started on my first build. Lots of info and videos to watch. But I think I have some great backing from the DSG. But I do want to know what you guys think of the Armour coming out of Original Stormtrooper? And if this suit would be passable by the 501st? Also have helmet fans, audio and hearing coming from Ukswarth. Got a lot of work ahead of me before approval.
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