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  1. When there’s a run, they can cost anywhere between $2 and $20. When there isn’t a run going on, it can be tough getting a coin. I’ve only found two ways. 1- Find a kind soul willing to help you out. Unfortunately, most these kind souls only ordered one for themselves or have long ago ran out. 2- Trade someone for one. The traders who have more than one rarely sell them. Many are offended if you even mention purchasing one. So you then have to somehow find a coin they want badly enough to trade for the one you want. So now you have to find and acquire that coin. And it’s a big, nasty circle. Not hopeless, I have been collecting less than 3 months and have 128 coins (several collectors have over 1000!). But I have spent an insane amount of money too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’ve been collecting challenge coins for less than two months. You could say I’m addicted. I have over 100 in displays, about 40 “traders”, two full runs of original coins (about to order one more run plus a small, non-Star Wars, Christian coin run), plus about 20 poker chips and a run of originals there too. Feel fred to contact me for trading! Arthur - Puppetsmitharts@gmail.com
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