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  2. Thank you all for the replies. The £500 (in vouchers) is just for the suit, I would then aim on getting boots and Holster next. followed by the blaster. So these would be extra, i would also like to get a mannequin so can display it when I am not wearing it. I am still trying to convince the wife! hence why I have to use vouchers to pay for the actual suit. but nearly there she just doesnt want me regretting it if the suit doesnt look good. I will go over and sign up to the forums on the UK Garrison, I didn't know you could do that if you were not a fully fledged member! Thanks again Rich
  3. Hello Thank you for the swift response, from what I have read I believe I get a undersuit and supposedly a neck seal but unsure of the quality of both. I understand Boots, Holster, Blaster are extra, and can buy these afterwards. Rich
  4. Hi All Just wanted to say Hi and to ask some advice, apologies in advance If this has been posted in the wrong forum but hoping some of you may be able to assist on what I am asking. Since I can remember I have wanted to own my own Stormtrooper armor and I may now finally get my wish however I am a little limited on what I can afford/buy, I literally have one option it would seem. I am next to useless on assembling/making things so have ruled out a kit costume as know I would just ruin it the moment I try and do something! Also for some of the ready made armors such as TM/RS they are sadly out of my budget especially when I would want it ready made. This leads me to one option SDS/AA Battle Spec Armor v2. I have literally read pages and pages for hours and hours of the ethics and issues surrounding all the controversy of the this, but think due to my situation this would be my only option in acquiring a suit of armor. The reason I can only get this armor is that I would need to pay for the suit with Amazon vouchers which I received for a recent Birthday. I have enough vouchers which would cover the cost of the suit. I sadly cannot justify spending over £500 of actual cash at this moment in time. I am able to buy from Amazon the SDS TK Battle Spec Armor. I Ideally would like to eventually join the 501st and partake in some trooping. I like the whole idea of doing it for charity whilst getting a chance to dress up in my armor. I understand that the main change I would need to make is that I would need to swap the ABS belt to a canvas belt, but unsure of some of the other modifications, think its to some/all of the strapping? So the main question I have and would like feed back on is. - Forgetting all the Controversy towards AA/SDS if my only feasible option on getting some Armor is the Battle Spec armor would you go for it?? - The Battle Spec TK armor is it a decent suit?? - Have any of you got it and if so was it a pain to get approved?? - If and when I got approved and I stood next to a 501st member would my armor look out of place (I guess I am asking does it look cheap and nasty)?????? Sorry for the long post but hoping that some of you are able to give me some information before I order it. Thanks in advance Rich
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