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  1. Any chance of an E-10 body tube, sight bar, and endcap that will accept a milspec buffer tube (for those of us with a "real-steel" stock)??
  2. Well it took them almost a month to ship an “in stock” imperial officer belt that I bought during their pre-Black Friday sale. Finally will arrive tomorrow. So I’m not surprised. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello Troopers - my name is Zach and I come to you guys by way of the Imperial Officer forums where I also go by SNK. I am putting together an Imperial Army officer as seen during the Mimban Campaign in SOLO. As part of my ensemble I will be carrying an E-10 Let me start by saying that I have ZERO experience coding - and next to none reading circuit diagrams - I'm the type of guy that needs a spoon fed, step by step, build-along video - lol. That said - I'm not a complete idiot, and I can solder and I will not electrocute myself - lol. I am looking for electronics to use in the E-10 bl
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