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  1. Any chance of an E-10 body tube, sight bar, and endcap that will accept a milspec buffer tube (for those of us with a "real-steel" stock)??
  2. Well it took them almost a month to ship an “in stock” imperial officer belt that I bought during their pre-Black Friday sale. Finally will arrive tomorrow. So I’m not surprised. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello Troopers - my name is Zach and I come to you guys by way of the Imperial Officer forums where I also go by SNK. I am putting together an Imperial Army officer as seen during the Mimban Campaign in SOLO. As part of my ensemble I will be carrying an E-10 Let me start by saying that I have ZERO experience coding - and next to none reading circuit diagrams - I'm the type of guy that needs a spoon fed, step by step, build-along video - lol. That said - I'm not a complete idiot, and I can solder and I will not electrocute myself - lol. I am looking for electronics to use in the E-10 blaster. I would like it to have: 1. Counting down ammo counter (which is located in the magazine for this blaster) 2. Sounds (start-up, and blaster sound from the Deathtrooper E-11D) 3. Realistic sounding "click" when out of ammo 4. Ability to reset the ammo count (and play the reloading sound) when the magazine is pulled out and reinserted (would like it to be magnetic - could maybe use one of those magnetic cell phone cables to run the electronics in there?) 5. Super-bright LED in the muzzle 6. Loud speakers 7. Ability to recharge the battery like a lightsaber ("in-hilt charging") What I don't necessarily need/would want the ability to "turn off" or exclude: 1. Laser propagation effect (Not sure that is seen on screen - would need to check the Mimban Extended Battle Scene in the SOLO special features - or the Range Troopers on the train) 2. Stun settings (again - the E-10 is seen for such a short time and we never see it used to stun - maybe that was a feature that was included in the new E-11 when it came out) 3. Misc. extras like music, other weapons, etc. Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction. I have spent a few days reading the various threads about blaster electronics in this section and needless to say that I'm overwhelmed by the various choices and having watched a bunch of youtube videos - a lot of the builds have things that I don't necessarily want to incorporate into my blaster :-/ I'm feeling stuck. Any of you Troopers care to help a wayward Officer? I'm not asking for anyone to build something for me - though if that is offered I probably wont turn you down - but I would appreciate some solid advise and someone willing to help me along as I do this. Thanks!
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