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  1. 17 Jun 20: Arkansas Children's Hospital Visit 14 Jun 20: Saline County Comic Expo 17 Nov 20: ComiConway 01 Sep 19: Weird Al's "Strings Attached" tour/Little Rock, AR
  2. Greetings! Would it be possible to get the "Closed" and other obsolete posts in the Detachment Merchandise section archived so it's not so difficult to determine what is actually available?
  3. TK-12285 Requesting Access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=29136&costumeID=134
  4. Hi all, Happy to be a member, still a rookie, looking forward to trooping this weekend, but I'm running into an issue. I purchased a Shadow Trooper armor from RS Props. I've got an email in, hoping they will reply quickly, but just in case. I've watched a few videos on YouTube on donning armor, and it looks like most of the shoulder pieces connect in some way to the upper arm piece. Mine does not, and I'm trying to figure out if they just failed to put in the right straps/connectors or if I'm doing something wrong. When I put the armor on, there's nothing keeping the part on m
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