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  1. Thanks Dan, I'd been in touch with a couple of the local members prior to getting my kit and that's how I found about him so I know a number of the kiwi members have kits from him that have been approved - plus I liked the idea of buying something locally made
  2. Thanks for that - yes I was probably a bit conservative there, certainly figuring it's easier to take a bit more off than going too far - it'll improve the field of vision a bit too lol!
  3. Helmet Ab Plate Helmet Right Side Helmet Left Side
  4. First/last name - Jamie McEwan Garrison - Outpost 42, New Zealand Garrison Armor maker - Oota Goota (NZ builder) Helmet maker - Oota Goota Cloth belt maker - Rob Kittell Neck seal maker - Darman Boot maker - Imperial Boots TK type - ANH Stunt Hi all, I'm looking for some feedback on my build, I think I still have some trimming/sculpting to do around my thighs but happy to take any other tips people may have out there :-) Only have 0.5mb for the photos so will try and add the ab plate and helmet photos below...
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