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  1. Perfect!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! I am sure I will have many more questions soon!!!!
  2. I noticed you said you shined up the first coat of black with 2000 grit sandpaper and then buffed it real good before applying the spaztix. Do you then clean off the Mcguires compound or do you paint over it?
  3. Also!!! Lol!!! Sorry...but I have another question! Did you guys also shrink the shoulder armor???
  4. Sorry for all the questions but I have never done anything like this before and you guys seem to genuinely want to help! How did you fasten the chest plate to the yoke? And didyou use velcro to fasten the bottom of the chest plate to the bottom of the back?
  5. This is very helpful!!! Thank you for your quick response!!!!
  6. When you cut the chest plate and or the yolk, did you cut from both the front and back or just the front?
  7. How did you apply the spaztix paint? Brush? And did you rub and buff between coats? And how thick of a clear coat did you apply?
  8. HOLY COW THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!!! My daughter and I are about to start on her Phasma build and need all the help we can get!!! This is very inspiring!!! We will probably have questions for ya soon!!! The Dishman
  9. Thank you so very much for this bit of info!!! I have reachedout to 2 different armor vendors and got prices! It is a little more than I expected but totally understand and just need to save up a few more dollars! Does anyone have any pro's or con's between Jim's Phasma armor and KB props? If I am "out of bounds" with this question I definitely do not want to be. I am new and am not sure what I can and can't say or ask. Thank you all for your help! The Dishman
  10. I am looking forward to this as well as I have just joined and will need all the help I can get! If you don't mind me asking...where did you get your armor from?
  11. Makes perfect sense! Thank you so much!!!
  12. Thank you for your quick response! Wow! That's a good question! Sorry for being so ignorant about this but...do you think there is one I SHOULD be building versus the other? I was leaning towards TFA though...
  13. Hello there! I am brand new and need a bit of help. Lol! My daughter is a huge Captain Phasma fan and therefore I want to help her by building a suit of Phasma armor with her. Obviously, step one, HOW CAN I GET JIM'S PHASMA ARMOR??? LOL!! From what i have read, his is what I need to start with? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day! The Dishman
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