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  1. Official Star Wars ones off Amazon. Thought they fit the bill rather then make some proper ones with the white bits. It held up quite well even when he fell up the stairs, poor mite. It was a really small show which was a bit disappointing but they had plenty of people asking for a photograph. Just need to find a bigger show one with a lot of celebs usually indicates a big show. Pity we just missed the Birmingham one. Needs a bit of tinkering on the fastenings but really pleased. He loved it that people kept saying it was amazing plus he could move people out the way as he was the "bodyguard" for Darth.
  2. Ready for trooping this weekend !! Never doing this again !!
  3. After a few weeks of grinding out loads of inner plastic I did the first fitting test today. 1. The chest piece fits perfect. 2. Arm pieces are okay if a little big but will look fine when attached to chest piece 3. Shin pieces are fine. I accidentally cut the knee pieces off so I can either attach existing ones with velcro or make some out of foam. 4. Helmet is fine if a little big just needs padding out inside (mouth piece will be fitted after painting) 5. Bum and codpiece are okay but need to be attached to chest piece. 6. Big problem with thigh pieces they are way too big so I toyed with cutting them down but they were such a PITA to do I`m going to make some out of foam. 7. All the holes were filled with Polymorph Moldable Plastic Pellets (stuff you melt in water) all sanded down. 8. Gun still needs electrics fitting. 9. Then to paint. 10. Deadline is 4th May for the Blackpool Comicon. The saying is not "Aren't you a little bit small to be a Stormtrooper" its more like "you are the smallest Stormtrooper I've ever seen".
  4. Shades motorcycle visor https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0062BY3RC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought the silver one by mistake. I have then had the idea to make the lenses removable. I have used the old helmet foam cut out as a template and I can now make as many different lenses as want. I've bought a Shades black visor too. I use velcro to keep them in place it looks rather cool. Plus it means I can easily remove one if it gets damaged/scratched and replace it. Helmet is sanded down and all ready for painting I just need a day thats not damp and wet. Now I`m just starting on getting rid of all the inner excess plastic. Took me nearly two hours to do half a forearm armour piece. I was being pretty careful I think I will get quicker as I get more practice ! Its got 6 screw holes in and I was wondering what to fill it with. I just happened to have some polyfilla in the garage so I've used that. Then just need to sand it smooth.
  5. Thanks I got the link to work. The visor replacement and sheet plastic came today but I messed up on the visor its silver not black. I have seen one other build that used silver lenses and it doesnt look too bad so I think I will go with it to be different. I dont really like where the helmet overlaps but everyone else seems to have gone with it albeit better lined up. I could do a perfect fit, fill the holes and sand/smooth it but I think this will be making it more difficult. Contemplating putting magnets inside the gun and inside the leg holster so you can "clip" it on but not sure whether the magnets would mess with the electrics that I was going to put inside like above.
  6. I'm doing whats been mentioned above and using foam sheet to line the insides so it doesnt have to be really smooth. Also contemplating picking up a 2nd hand kids voice changer helmet and using the electrics. Then change the push button to on/off or perhaps extend it so that you can operate it by the hand. Trouble is now weather is chronic so dont fancy spending time gutting the insides out in this weather. Think I`ll start with the helmet first.
  7. Thanks I've been searching and got 4-5 threads of others that have done the same to use as a guide. I was thinking of the same paint too.
  8. Ah right will try that thanks. I bought a motorcycle black visor insert for the eyes and in the garage I had a couple of sun screens for the kids I dont use anymore and if I overlap the mesh it looks perfect for the mouth. My new multi-tool came today so I`m nearly ready I think I just need a sheet of white plastic to use to stick the two parts together. Also going to paint the lot when its done as its not glossy enough. Not looking forward to doing the Rubies helmet I think its going to be a PITA to stick the two halves together. Wakefield UK.
  9. Very intersting and has prompted me to make one for my son as we are going to a Comicon in Blackpool in May 2018 (UK). Just a couple of questions if you still remember this thread. 1. What glue(s) did you use ? 2. The Helmet I have got the same one and wondered what you used for the eye pieces and also the mouth mesh piece as it currently has 3 holes in. I`m just wondered whether to cut it out and replace it altogether.
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