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  1. Thank you, I found a pair of Jodhpurs that are black, will just have to dye them white.
  2. Hello all, Being of the larger foot size, I’m finding it difficult to get decent boots (wanting to go for centurion level) and stumbled on these online. Can someone tell me whether or not they will work for TK after re-dyeing? If not any suggestions on where to look for size 15EEEE or 16s? IB said that they might not be able to help me. https://www.xlfeet.com/Mens-Large-Propet-Truman-Side-Zip-Dress-Boot-to-5E-p/mba015lblk.htm Thank you for the help
  3. Is TG's AM 2.0 good for going for Centurion or is the best that I can hope for relatively quickly EIB? I have a similar question to the OP and want to get centurion status with a first go, if possible.
  4. Hello all, I am trying to piecemeal my build before the bigger ticket items (armor and helmet). I have bought the undersuit, but I can't find anywhere that sells the correct boots for me. I have a size 15 and very wide foot. Is there anywhere that might sell the boots in this size, TKBoots have the size but not the width. Also, I might have read over this, but where can I find a neck seal?
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