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  1. Yea, I did that initially but I cut the strips too long and I am going to lose my 45s when I sand the ends flat. After I sand the ends down I will rework them back in. The other bicep is correct as well as the forearms.
  2. Hey all, An update on the Stormtrooper build... so there has been a change of plans for this particular set of armor. The wife has decided that she wants this suit so, I am building it for her. I have been given permission, with much sweet talk and cajoling, to buy another set. So, on with the build. Notice this lip... this older type of armor used a method called the overlap method of construction to simulate the finishing strips on the armor used in the movies. These need to be trimmed down and modified to an acceptable butt method and then covered with finishing strips. Marked where I wanted to put tape: Because of the nature of the plastic it's hard to see pencil or pen lines so I use blue tape for my cutting line: This bicep armor is fit to my wife's arm and taped together to make sure it still fit her. If not, we can remeasure and trim some more: Bicep mostly completed with cover strips... Just needs a sand on both ends to make everything flush and it's ready for the next phase. It looks like the finishing strip is crooked but it really isn't. These biceps parts are large at the top and taper quite a bit at the bottom: I cut the finishing strips a little long for trimming... I am going to do this a different, easier way when I do the forearms. Joint is now butted together and covered with a covering strip: On to more cutting, sanding and fitting. Until next time.
  3. I am not sure yet... I would like too eventually but I am having enough trouble getting some basic replacements I need.
  4. I loved all of it. Saw it yesterday... will probably go see it again.
  5. Wad of adhesive I ended up with after all the armor was cleaned: Anyone wanna buy a genuine Wookie booger?
  6. Thanks Q, Yes, I have joined those forums too but there are a lot of crickets over there most days. I also joined my local garrisons.
  7. Hey all, my name is Ron. I have inherited a Shadow Trooper full set of armor from my son when he moved out. Its been sitting in the storage shed for about two years. Last Saturday I attended an event at First Avenue here in Minneapolis called the Cantina Strikes Back where several members of the 501st showed up. I talked to some of them quite a bit and now I am here. The armor is a little worse for wear. No major damage or anything, just some scratches that can be buffed out. I drug it out of the shed and into my studio to do an inventory. It does need to be rebuilt. I have no idea who made the armor, as far as a manufacturer, only that my son bought it from a member of the 501st in Cali a few years back. My son and my Dad put the armor together and my son only wore it once as far as I know. It was put together with Velcro and no snaps of any kind. I am going to remedy that and get rid of all the Velcro that I can and use snaps and other fasteners. I have watched a few videos about building armor and this is not like the armor in any of the videos. In the videos I have watched you glue the two halves together with a fastener strip... this armor has the strips molded into one half of the armor and the other half is Velcroed to the first. Glad to be here and I look forward to getting started on this rebuild project. When my son moved out and got a job in Boston He left a bunch of junk behind. Found a large box in the shed when I was winterizing the house and found a full set of Shadow Trooper armor. So, I am going to be working on this over the winter. The armor wasn't properly assembled. My father helped him assemble it and they did it the fast and dirty way. Earpiece for the helmet... not accurate but acceptable for 501st approval Thigh armor Back of the helmet... comes in 3 pieces for this model armor Top of the helmet Faceplate I have some stuff on order to help finish this build and I will be fabricating some parts also. I am super excited to do this project and I hope you guys like this build. I am looking for a new ammo belt, black abs for finishing strips and a new bucket. Any and all help, criticisms are appreciated.
  8. So its been in storage for a couple of years and like I said my father and my son put this together quick and dirty. I went though and pulled all the industrial strength self-sticking Velcro off. It leaves a tough amount of residual adhesive behind. Its super sticky and I was trying to figure out how to get it off. I did a Google search on how to remove adhesive from ABS plastic. This armor is made with acrylic capped ABS and I didn't want to ruin the high gloss finish. There where suggestions from isopropal alcohol to products like WD 40 and Goo Gone. Which I have all of them so I started there. The first forearm took me an hour using a combination of all three along with an old gift card as a scraper. I then washed it in dish washing liquid and warm water to get the chemical residue off. After the first piece of armor was cleaned I sat down and took a break and started thinking... "This is going to take forever". I picked up the next piece and started rubbing it with my thumb and the adhesive started peeling back and I ended up with a little ball of it stuck to my thumb. I tried getting it off and my thumb was stuck to the armor. I pulled it off the armor and it pulled up the next bit of adhesive. I thought to myself "huh... I guess there is something to fighting fire with fire" and just continued doing this until all the adhesive was lifted from the armor. Took me ten minutes to do the next piece and so on and so on. The ball of adhesive in my hand was getting bigger and bigger but I managed to clean the whole suit in about 2 hours. It was also cleaner then using the chemicals, less work and less smelly. This looks like the Velcro came up at one time and he tried gluing it back down with something else. Nothing can be done about this mess. No big deal though it wont be seen and most of it will get trimmed away anyways. Finished and cleaned part
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