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    Props smiths from Singapore. Collecting no longer quench our lust for our ideal props. Follow us to see our passion and journeys to create prop sabers, blasters and other cool stuffs.

    We are currently 3D printing and building our trooper props and eventually apply for 501's approval for our first trooper plan.

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  1. Hi Daetrin, Singapore certainly welcomes you. Good to hear we have good impression as a nation to you . I wish to bein Hawaii too! For visit. We do have some volunteering of charity activities on our own whenever we can and certainly when i do go 501, it will be fabulous as hobby meets helping back the society all at once!
  2. Hi Wibowo, nice to know you folks, and thanks for your kind words We will be gearing up towards by next year should our stuffs gets on track and certainly look forward while learning and looking around over here. Would probably touch based once we get going and after procuring my trooping gear with local guys. As of now we get our prop business up first. A promise i made to my friend and founder of our company CIG.
  3. Thank you everyone for your welcome. Going to take the chance to read up to get ready in future and know more troopers.
  4. HI everyone in 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, We are new to this great community and just for a quick intro on CIG Cosmic Inter-Galactic, it is founded by us (Devin & Adrian), two geeks in our 40s. A Star Wars die hard fan and a movie buff. Coming from very different day jobs and specialties. One could not have imagined a more diversified union of minds but yet we were bonded by the common passion of Starwars movie and of course, the possibility of making props! One of us is actually considering joining 501 once our savings were built up enough when our company gets on track, meanwhile we are now doing 3D print / design, prop makers via CnC. Chasing our geek dreams despite being fathers with family responsibilities like the many troopers around here. Between, we are making and launching a TK saber run and while designing / researching and looking around trooping pages, we were able to get to know many troopers from around the world on our facebook. That is also how we were directed here. Please take a look at the sale post if it does interest you. We have devoted many many hours and days developing and designing it, and we hope it may be served as an informal trooping props to your great enjoyment or simply as a collection / display piece. We like to thanks the splendid Facebook 1st ISD admin for allowing and directing us specifically. Truly appreciate. We come to understand 'Bad guys doing good' mantra indeed. Devin, Team CIG
  5. Hi, we were there under our personal profile and on a different saber run. Name is Jedimax. https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=268110&highlight=plo+koon+saber oh we may be relocating the post due to in-coming forum admin instructions. So stay tuned and thanks for your message. Team CIG
  6. Hi Matt, thanks for your sharing. We are also selling them with a launch post recently. Was good to see your personal design on this portal.
  7. Hi, we just been directed by 1st ISD FB, to post our TK saber sales here, it is our up coming sales and launch for this saber:
  8. Hi, in case of further interest to the TK saber:
  9. Hi, in case of further interest to the TK saber:
  10. Hi in case anyone still keen to find the TK saber:
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