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  1. Troop 24:  Relay For Life of Greater Lynchburg Lynchburg, VA 05/18/19
  2. Troop 23:  Centra General Hospital visit Lynchburg, VA 05/04/19
  3. Troop 22:  Lynchburg Hillcats Star Wars Night Lynchburg, VA 05/04/19
  4. Got quite a few updates incoming. LOL. Let's get started, shall we? Troop 21: Lynchburg Heart Walk Lynchburg, VA 04/27/19
  5. Troop 20: Lynchburg Mini-Maker Faire Lynchburg, VA 03/24/19 Troopin' season is finally starting to pick up again!
  6. Troop 19: Osteopathic Merry Melodies Lynchburg, VA 12/08/18
  7. Troop 18: Power of We Lynchburg, VA 9/29/18 So, I got my new shoulder straps in. Did an epoxy mix and slapped them on. Went to don the armor today and my handler completely ripped the front of the strap off. Long story short, I'm going to just stick with a velcro hook-up for my straps since nothing seems to be holding steadfast. Also, I'm going to heat (which makes me completely nervous) the straps so they aren't as arched and that will help as well.... hopefully.
  8. Troop 17: Flip4Kids Family Fun Carnival Lynchburg, VA 9/8/18
  9. Troop 16: Movies In The Park: The Last Jedi Lynchburg, VA 08/17/18 This troop took a toll. I had to order replacement shoulder straps cause one of mine broke -.- The price we pay for doing our good deeds.
  10. Troop 15: Lynchburg National Night Out Against Crime Lynchburg, VA 08/07/18
  11. Troop 14: Carillion Family Weekend Smith Mountain Lake, VA 08/04/18
  12. Troop 13: Movies In The Park Bedford, VA 07/14/18
  13. Troop 12: Summer Kick-Off Bash Lynchburg, VA 02/23/18
  14. Troop 11: The Last Jedi screening [Bold Rock] Nellysford, VA 06/16/18 My scout was my first kit and it is cherished but thank God for the ability to wear Under Armor in 90 degree heat! My TK is seeing some work this summer!
  15. Troop 10: Relay for Life of Greater Lynchburg Lynchburg, VA 06-01-18
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