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  1. Another question for you. Say someone orders a set of rubber gaskets $300/221.23, and a pauldron $150/110.51. I understand that shipped individually, The rubber gaskets will be charged VAT and Duties. The pauldron will be charged VAT but not Duties. My question is, If we put them both in the same box to save on shipping charges are they still assessed indvidually as they are listed on the customs form or are they added together for the total value of the contents and then the VAT and Duties levied?
  2. Got it! So what I am understanding is now we can probably assume that almost all packages from the US valued at over 135 pounds Stirling will be charged VAT and Duties.
  3. What do you mean by this? Thank you for the information it is super helpful! I am able to apply your example to our prices and I actually understand it. I have read some of the government websites and I didn't quite grasp the concepts. Also, they don't answer the questions I am afraid to ask, for example, how do we save money and save our customers from having to pay outrageous duties.
  4. It has come to my attention that the UK has no trade agreement with the US and imposes an import tax on our gaskets, pauldrons and everything else we send there. We don't have anything like that here in the US how does this work? I did learn that the first 135. pounds or $162 US is duty free. Do they subtract that amount from the total value if it is more than $162. US? Thanks!!!
  5. Thank you Paul. I am happy to be here, finally!
  6. I am starting fresh with flickr. Hope it lasts a while
  7. Wyatt reads too much news. But, I love him anyway.
  8. Thank you, Glen. Glad we could help!!! Wyatt talks so much about this place I feel like I know some of you guys already!
  9. Hi There, After 11 years of listening to Mr. tk4205 talk about "the boards" I thought it was time to check it out for myself. My only costume is an ISO. I am very slowly putting together an officer. I have been sewing for the legion since 2006 helping out Mr. tk4205 when I can. Though he can sew and is quite proficient at it, he really hates it. He would rather be sculpting or whatever it is he does in "The Shop". As most of you know the Mr. and I own and operate Imperial Gaskets. We offer superior rubber gaskets for the First Order TK, Cloth gaskets, neck seals, pauldrons in red, black or white, and belt kits for both classic and FOTK. We are slowly updating all of our photographs..........Photobucket threw us all a curve ball with that one. You can reach me here or at imperialgaskets@gmail.com Please like my facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/MrsTK4205/
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