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  1. yeh, I didn't close the 1st additional page that opened which was the extension installer. The converter I found didn't pop any other pages. Same result in the end. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks, didn't think about grabbing the sound file via google. I used this web site to convert to .mp3 https://youtubetomp3music.com/en26/ Cheers.
  3. Just tried the download link http://fingerchili.com/loops/TK_TB_loops.zip unfortunately it returns a 404 Not Found error message. Hoping someone is able to put up a link for this download. Thanks.
  4. As per my post here I have decided to abandon my helmet mounted speaker system [amp + iComm] for a chest mounted solution. I wasn't happy with the low audio out levels and feedback and have gone for a chest mounted solution. I had an old Aker amp and have mounted that along with the iComm box with velcro behind my chest. Am getting much better audio throw and clarity with the only issue to date being feedback if volume is too high when using the Aker headmounted mic. To counter that I have been researching throat mic solutions. I order a cheap throat mic from a local supplier [Jaycar] which I received today - it turned out to be pretty crap [cheap and that line is discontinued - go figure]. I have this throat mic currently in route from supplier, a few troopers here have used it with positive results, am looking forward to testing once received. In the meantime I made up a switching system to mount behind my chest, one switch simply kills the microphone with the second switching microphone inout between the iComm box and the Aker amp. This will let me easily kill the mic if needed during a troop, plus toggle between static bursts [iComm] and normal speech [Aker direct] if required. Bench testing worked perfectly, just need to make a box to house it all and position behind chest. I went down this route as the switches I am using are easily controlled while using gloves. Also going to parallel a larger momentary switch off the Aker switch and mount that along with the two toggle switches.
  5. Quick update. Firstly many thanks to Mighty Atom for his help in solving my noisy helmet fans problem. Always great to have a garrison member help with their knowledge and physical support The hearing assist system is way more functional now I have installed a 5VDC converter [running about 3VDC] - fans super quiet and do not interfere with the hearing assist. I am going to put in a helmet switching system which amongst other functions will enable me to bypass the 5VDC converter if I need to run the fans harder for hotter days.
  6. Glad I found this thread on throat microphones, I started researching these last week. I found that the TK helmet mounted speakers did not have sufficient throw for my liking and coupled with the feedback being generated by my iComm and amp both mounted in the helmet pushed me towards a chest mounted solution. I mounted an old Aker and iComm with velcro behind my chest, matching that up to the Aker headset again provided too much feedback once again. After reading this thread I have ordered the following: Dual Transponder Throat Microphone - 3.5mm (1/8") Connector - XVTM822D-D35 Question for other troopers that have used this throat mic, how did you loom the cable which drops down the rear of the neck, do you loop it over your shoulder or run it under your arm? In the meantime while I wait for this to be delivered to Australia, I have order the below to get my comms up and running. Headset with Throat Microphone
  7. Title says it all - I am chasing totally silent helmet fans. Current fans [Henry's Helmet] while great at moving air around are interfering with my Hearing Assist system. Linky here to part of my build listing more detail: ---> https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/50577-anh-stunt-tk-build/?do=findComment&comment=724571
  8. Draft install of cables worked well. I do have a Catch 22 situation :/ 1] Voice amplification with iCom - works fairly well. 2] Audio assist - works really well. 3] Fans [Henry’s Helmets] - working as expected. Turn on 1 & 3 - All good. The fan noise is not picked up by the internal microphone. Turn on 1 & 2 - Audio assist external microphones pick up and magnify audio out from external speakers back into internal helmet speakers. No lag just makes my voice sound extra loud to me. Can live with that. Turn on 2 & 3 - Audio assist external microphones pick up and magnify sound of running fans back into internal helmet speakers. Major PITA. Turn on 1, 2 & 3 - Audio assist external microphones pick up and once again magnify sound of running fans back into internal helmet speakers. Sound output from 1 is OK, however with the running fans it all starts to sound like I’m at a rock concert with everything mixing together. Tweaking volume levels not providing much of a solution. Definitely not able to troop with all 3 units running. I think I need to experiment with quieter fans, test that and see how it goes. Any suggestions would be great. In the short term I can troop and have the fans running and either Voice Amplification OR Audio Assist running - not both at the moment.
  9. ahh awesome thanks - for some reason I had in my mind the bottom of the belt sat flush just above the butt plate.
  10. Thanks gmrhodes13, The ab plate to rear plate is a fairly snug fit, I replaced the side 3 x elastic straps with no-stretch webbing with snaps. Gives me the opportunity to widen this gap slightly if required. The overall around the torso fit is pretty snug, so may need to widen the from to rear armour side gaps slightly which should reduce the drag on the butt plate deformation. Does your ammo belt rear sit flush to the top of the butt plate?
  11. Ongoing helmet fit-out: Electrical component functionality test completed: 1] Helmet fans fitted 2] Hearing assist test successful 3] Voice system with iCom test 90% successful - some feedback when running amp at 100%. I bought a $50 pair of Sony headphones, trimmed off the over head loop support and velcro'd them in. They sound output is great - really happy with the cost and performance. Component physical install: 1] All hardware fits well with plenty of space to spare 2] Cabling routes to be finalised 3] Cabling route covers to be finalised Am using velcro to cover the cable routes with a still to be determined fabric/material fixed to the back side of the velcro to make inside of helmet look cleaner.
  12. Have a couple of questions re my attached photo. Red 1 - The tighter the belt is pulled the greater the deformation at this point. I have added some ABS reinforcement on the inside and will monitor. Going to install the “V” ABS mod listed in the build threads to hopefully pull the top of the butt plate in to align with bottom of upper armour. Green 1A - The belt slides up by itself and needs to sit in position Blue 1B. I’m thinking of putting some velcro in vicinity of Purple 2 to help it align. Would need to not velcro the area where the TD metal clips slide down.
  13. Applied to belt yesterday, let it set overnight - no way I am getting fraying anymore. Also added it to the shoulder strap snaps that are sewn in - Sewing on one snap already broken, so fixed that and applied the glue to that as well.
  14. Looks like the same gear in a different bottle. Good find.
  15. Bought this from our local Spotlight store - it has the same specs as the no fray glue and should do the trick.
  16. Looking at buying some for my belt as well. How many bottles did you need to purchase to treat your TK belt?
  17. Awesome thanks, found similar in a QLD suppliers online store. Will order and see how it goes. :)
  18. Looks like I will find out first for the both of us. I have installed the voice amplification system and am halfway thru installing the hearing assist system. I still have to source some type of helmet mounted speakers to go with it, am going to start researching that this week.
  19. I've had the RS Prop Masters TK ANH Stunt for a few weeks, been doing some restrapping and noticed the cloth ammo belt is continually fraying. I am cutting off the threads coming loose form the edge of the belt, more keep on fraying. My concern is the stitching in from the edges may eventually degrade as the the fraying edges encroach into the stitching.
  20. Hi troopers, I received my clearance earlier this month and like many others have spent the time to now under varying forms of Covid lockdown. Prior to this build I was an approved TX, unfortunately with my arthritis I had to sell that early last year and go for a lighter weight hard armour solution, after research went for the RS Props kit. Am extremely happy with their gear and after making a few strapping changes am just about ready for the first troop. Looking forward to getting back into the thick of it. Cheers, Geoff.
  21. Do you get any feedback from your voice with the hearing assist? I remember reading awhile back a trooper said hearing his voice coming back thru the hearing assist was slightly weird, almost a slight delay from speaking to when he heard himself speak thru the hearing assist.
  22. Ah cool glad to hear it is working for you. How long do you earbuds last before needing a recharge? I'm finishing off re-strapping at the moment, and will tackle my helmet after that, haven't looked at the in helmet speaker options yet, will keep you posted.
  23. Should be interesting to see how that performs for you. To clarify I used the wired version of the apple earbuds, not the bluetooth model. They were the only wired earbuds I had in the house, used for sound performance testing and to ensure I labelled the mics left and right correctly. I am more interested in a hard wired speaker solution that sits permanently in the bucket.
  24. Had a 15 year old set of Mirage studio monitors I just sold after moving house recently - got a grand for them so pretty happy with that. Yes, high end studio monitors are frigging $$$$$ Are you using UKSWrath hearing assist kit in your bucket?
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