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  1. Philly, Baltimore, DC, and NYC are all a hop and a skip away if that's any help. Shipping wouldn't be an issue though, given it all came from across the pond to begin with.
  2. Hey again folks, been about 9 months since I last posted poking after some armor. It has been a ride. I decided to buy my armor from Andy with DA Props, he was great to work with and got everything done in a timely and inexpensive manner. The reason it's been 9 months however largely came from the gentleman who was going to handle finishing the armor set for me, who I'll avoid naming or ranting about in excess as I'm not keen on that sort of shade throwing. To very briefly sum up it was delivered without issue but wasn't touched for several months with no updates and after prodding for info I was eventually told at about the 6 month point that he just flat out wasn't doing commissions any more including mine. Later I find out that my original armor set had been destroyed and another set had to be ordered. All in all ate up about 7 months total in lost time, unfortunate. So putting all of that behind me, here's where I'm currently at: I've got a great set of unfinished 2mm ABS TK armor here and need someone to fix it up and put it all together for me because I'm not so good at it. Is there anyone who could do that here in the US? I'd originally budgeted about $700 for bringing it to completion including soft parts, strapping, fitting, etc. Centurion spec ideally, but I'm not all too hung up on it. Thanks again, y'all were super helpful the first go around.
  3. Certainly, so at the current moment I'm mostly looking for something to just wear around, but I do like the idea of future proofing if I found the time to dedicate to 501st. Basically, rubies is a bad idea for me. From what I'm seeing there's no way of making a full set happen on my budget and I'll be stuck with a kit, a shame as I've already dropped about two grand on my E11 build. Does that sound about right? Its hard to check pricing without getting a quote from each maker. From what I'm seeing, an anovos kit looks like my best bet. Perhaps someone else has something better but they've got a better web presence anyway. I'm hesitant to build it myself but hey, if that's what it takes. For reference, I'm 5'11 and about 160lbs, perfect for a trooper. Currently in the US as well, so UK options may be limited.
  4. Hey folks, new here. I know all of you have discussed this to death and I know the information is buried out there already, but I'm asking anyhow as I (and I'm sure anyone else new here as well) don't have time to sift through years of content and learn via osmosis. Anyway - I'm going to ask the impossible. I'm looking to pick up a set of ANH TK armor, bucket and all. And yes, I know this is going to be a "cheap, quality, easy; pick two" situation. SO: Budget of around a grand. Looking for a complete set as I've got no experience with kit builds. Minor adjustments are a-ok. Screen accuracy isn't super important - not going for centurion anytime soon if ever, but obviously the more the better. Now I'm not hopeless enough to ask which one is THE ABSOLUTE BEST FOREVER, but I would like to know what my options are. The $600 Rubies Supreme ebay special is looking really tempting, and I know y'all hate that. Please help me not get one. In the meantime I've pinged DA Props as recommended above, though something tells me they may not be a good fit for my parameters.
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