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  1. Please include me for access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29876
  2. I found a set on trooper bay. I freaked out ;p
  3. Hey guys. I'm in a panic. I lost the brackets. Or the kit was missing them. Can I get them at hardware stores or can I make them?
  4. Thanks . I bought abs plastic to make shims. I can't flex in it.. At all. Thank you!
  5. Help. I measured the biceps, fitted the plastic. And after gluing they barely fit. I need to remove the armpit six strip an reglue wider. How do I remove e6000 .... Help. PS. I bought abs if I need to just cut a new strip.
  6. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10159095747840721&id=592260720&set=a.10151916858960721.874665.592260720&source=48&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feed_comment_reply
  7. I just discovered an electric eraser with a white vinyl eraser... Removes dried e6000 without scoring the plastic!!!
  8. Luckily the bite is on the back, and tiny. I have a new product, sugru I may try it as a filler
  9. Do you have a re commended paint? My dog chewed a corner on the rear thigh. I've made a repair. I plan on filling the back with putty and caulking the repair line. But I may need to touch up the paint
  10. Thank you. That was perfect. I didn't have to deconstruct the belt. But the boxes are on and glue is now setting. The update was exactly what I needed. Belt is now together.
  11. How thick is the strapping holding the drop box? Thank yal for the advice.
  12. Ok. I edited my question because there is the answer. Thanks
  13. THANK YOU!!!' exactly what I needed Anovos riveted the holster. But I can drill that and screw it with Chicago screws thank you
  14. Hello Ukswrath, first, thanks for this thread. My box is here and I am scouring your thread. My belt came in and was not assembled. I plan on centering the armor on the cloth belt between the snaps. My question. The holster looks Chicago screwed on. Is there a measurement from the armor belt edge to the placement of the holster's screw? And the two rectangular pieces just free hang? Or are they riveted in place? Thanks
  15. I live in High Point, NC, but I stay most of the summer in Belton Sc
  16. OK, 2.5 days in and everything is cut and sanded. Now to research and start construction.<br> My first questions<br><br> The helmet paint is.... Off. And do you need to close the connections to be 501? Like caulk the gaps?<br><br> Also put in time on the bike to lose 20 lbs this summer
  17. Thanks for the welcome. All I am up to now is trimming and sanding. I'm an artist/art teacher so crafting and propping is something I already do. This is a first with armor and e6000 pics will follow in a couple of weeks. I'm going to read the above mentioned thread tonight.
  18. I just got my Big Brown Anovos Box. so I am going in for a TK. I have lots of questions. e6000 or loctite? the directions say usw a cyanoacrylate glue, thats basically a loctite super glue. but everything I read here says e6000, is the e6000 better? Also my helmet came in from anovos...warped, warped badly. I sent pics to their customer service and they say it is supposed to be that way? did any of yal's come in that way? I may try altering a hasbro black series. advice needed! and neck seals? which do yal advise? I attatched photos of the helmet has anyone else used anovos? is this a problem? or is this normal
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