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  1. Hi All, Do you think using glue E6000 to stick a strap on the chest armor can hold? Many thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. I want to look for a carry bag for T21 which is currently being built. I heard ski bag is a good idea. Can anyone tell me the size of the T21, at least the length so that I can start looking for the right bag? Thanks a lot.
  3. Many thanks Joseph, much appreciated, you are always so helpful. Will check all these links. Enjoy your weekend.
  4. Thank you so much Jon, very helpful. Will check it. Have a nice weekend.
  5. Hi everyone, I am just helping a friend here who has submitted his application to join 501st as stormtrooper but his pictures got rejected a few times due to armour issues. He lives near Orlando Florida. Can anyone recommend who can help him looking into and altering his costume? Thanks.
  6. Can anyone recommend or send me a link of undersuit that has a thin material and sweat resistant if possible? Tried underarmor heat gear but the ones they have got seams all over and will be visible. Thanks.
  7. Will anyone be able to send me link of video how to wear Sandy costume including pouches and Pouldron? Or if anyone can list the steps for me would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know the dimension of this pouch? was wondering if this will fit iphone7 plus and keys. Thanks.
  9. Hi Can anyone recommend good carry bag for T21? Thanks.
  10. Hi<br><br> What bag anyone use to carry this blaster? Thanks.
  11. Hi<br> Someone offered me full set shoretrooper minus gun for $2000 & this costume has been 501st approved. Can anyone advise if the price is good and how much is it normally?.thanks.
  12. Hi Jim <br> I was wondering if you can help building captain phasma armour or costume? Thanks.
  13. Hi<br> does anyone know who can help making captain phasma costume other than jimmiroquai and kb props? Thanks.
  14. Hi all<br> can anyone help building T21 or know anyone who can help? Preferably electronic version. Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi everyone <br><br> Can anyone help building T21 or recommend anyone who can do it? Preferably the electronic version. Thanks a lot.
  16. I didn't realise it would cost that much Tony. The one I saw is $369 & I am sure this is with no electronic. I was wondering if I could get one somewhere with price between 200-300.<br><br> What does the electronic do? It makes some noise? <br><br> Thank for the link by the way.
  17. Hi all<br> do you know where I can get the T21 at reasonable price or know anyone who can make one? Thanks.
  18. Can anyone tell me the measurement for this please? <br> Also thinking of getting the blaster for sandy, just for fun and not for official events but can anyone suggest how sandy should carry this pistol as he already carries his own E11? Thanks.
  19. Hi, Can anyone advise best way to get microphone for helmet with as less mounting/assembling/wiring as possible please? And how does the troopertalk work? Thanks a lot.
  20. Thank you. <br> Anovos only sells kit at the moment and I need the full set/ready to wear costume and available for summer.
  21. Hi all<br> can anyone tell me how can I get full costume for the commander stormtrooper? I bought the helmet already and now needs the rest of the costume.<br> Thanks.
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