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  1. Good idea, Daetrin. Asking a local trooper to help me out after Comic Con since I seem to be flailing about with the armor these days. Will keep you guys posted!
  2. Does anyone have any advice for decreasing the gap size at the top of the bicep (closer to shoulder) but keeping the gap near the elbow the same or decreasing it not as much?
  3. Sizing biceps with forearm. I think my left forearm piece is too long and I need to shave some off the back end because it's hard to get a decent range of motion. It keeps bumping up against the bicep and I can barely get to a 90 degree angle. Of course I'll be holding off on shaving it down until I hear from you guys this time.
  4. Yup, shoulda just kept it like it was, but I had to go fiddle with it. Worst case I'll just get replacement parts. Thanks for the tips as always, magni.
  5. Here's some pics of my right forearm being a bit too tiny at the wrist opening:
  6. About ready to glue on my coverstrips. My left forearm pieces are pretty snug and my right forearm is a bit loose. The right one can move up and down my arm pretty easily. Should I trim just a bit more off or is that movement okay? EDIT: Well I messed up big time. I took an extra 1/4 inch off the right forearm and now the wrist is a REALLY tight fit. I can get my hand in and out (with some scratched skin) but adding inside coverstrips is probably a no now.
  7. In final stages of sizing the forearms. I'm focusing way too much on the space I have left at the wrist, but in the picture it looks quite nice. I looked at it with the hand guard on as well and it looks great. The elbow section is nice but perhaps a bit snug. Now all I need to do is cut a cover strip and glue that on. Question about that: Is there a plastic strip on BOTH inside and outside of the armor (for a total of four strips)?
  8. Alright, my undersuit came in. I just got a compression shirt and pants. The seams are gray which is unfortunate because the picture made them look much darker. Will the seams be a problem?
  9. Hi Matt, thanks for the advice. I really do need to relax about the imperfections. I know perfection isn't attainable and so I can give myself a break. Hi Daetrin, thanks for your input. I do need to remember that trooping is my ultimate goal and that my armor will get scuffed and scraped. Thanks for the encouragement! Today I'm going to (try to) finish off my right forearm piece. Need to cut the return edge at the wrists (unfortunately with scissors) and then cut a finishing strip to glue on top!
  10. Cricket: Pictures were showing at first, but not sure about why they're not showing now... I was using imgur but I'll switch to something else. I did use a Dremel on the teeth and loved it. Finished smoothing them off with some needle files. Thanks for the tips, magni!
  11. Another question. I've seen varying and conflicting information on this: Do the ANH stunt forearms have a lip at the front and back where the arm goes through? Trooperbay says no but I saw ukswrath's thread and he left the lips intact. Please advise!
  12. I've officially taken the first step toward being a new trooper! BEHOLD! (I am very proud of myself for this tiny step.) Sanding the teeth took a little getting used to, but once I got in the groove of it, it was quite fun! I used a sand head attachment on a dremel tool and took it to the backside of the teeth. I found that I had to sand down one side because it'd be uneven after using the dremel. If I was a bit better with the dremel, this might have taken me much less time. Still, I'm very happy with the results.
  13. Thanks Zel! Would you say the 0.5 inches is on all sides (for instance, added to the radius around my forearm) or as a diameter (so a 0.25 inch clearance on the left and the right for a total of 0.5)? And thank you Randy! That's good advice. I'll try to work with what I have (since some pieces need to be replaced.) Slow and steady wins the race it seems. Today I'll be sanding out the teeth of the face plate of the helmet with a dremel tool and sanding head. Pictures to come.
  14. Hello all! I come to you in the midst of summer with a new build thread. My name's Jeff, and I hope to catalog my journey here so that it may help others who come after me. Armor maker = TK Armor (same guys who do TK Boots) A few peculiarities to note: I have high anxiety doing almost any craft. I am a perfectionist who can't do anything perfectly. The knowledge of this is both my greatest weapon and drawback. Hopefully with your expert guidance and support I will power through this. I'm an educator and have the summer off. I hope to finish this build before school starts back up again in mid-August. My BBB is actually a year old. I just didn't have the time to work on it during the school year (okay this is a lie). Some pieces had a few tiny manufacturing blemishes but my armor supplier has graciously offered to replace the defective parts without me even asking (a whole YEAR after I ordered!). Therefore I do not have all the pieces available until he sends the replacements. And some questions! I'm 5'8" about 175lbs - 180lbs. Some of the pieces are definitely too big for me and I need to make some cuts. How are the pieces supposed to feel in terms of "snugness" or looseness? My pieces are very durable, I almost thrust my Xacto blade into the table trying to punch a hole to shave out the gaps between the teeth of the helmet. Is that normal? Can I hope to do the scoring method for making some cuts or am I forced to be using scissors? And some pics:
  15. Hey all! Name's Jeff. I signed up a week or so ago and got started doing research for an ANH Stunt build. I've actually had my BBB for a long long time but just haven't had the time (read: guts) to start my build. Now that I've read a few build threads and seen what other beginners are doing I'm about ready to take my first step. Thank you for all the help and advice you've provided to others and any future advice I'll receive from you guys.
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