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  1. Does anyone besides anovos make the first order armor
  2. Ok great. If you dont mind telling me how much you paid for the armor that would be awesome so i know what to expect
  3. Tks i emailed the person listed. Just gotta wait for reply now
  4. Hey guys how do i order the AM 2.0 armor<br> Tks for the help
  5. Tks buddy i needed confirmation that it would look right.<br> How do i order that armor
  6. Yeah, looked at alot of info on here. i know its frowned upon but i found it on ebay. Guy says no time to build the kit
  7. I found an am 2.0 for 700.00 the question is quality and will it fit a bigger trooper
  8. Id even do first order armor if anyone other then anovos does it
  9. Here's the issue im 6'2 almost 6'3 265lbs<br> I dont wanna look like barf from spaceballs.lol <br> (Im not that big)<br> Ive been in contact with rt-mod but the price is a bit high.<br> Any cheaper armor out there.
  10. Tks guys im a cop in philly and do alot of charity work with my m/c. I was hoping not to get clipped for 1200.oo bucks. Any suggestions on a company
  11. Hey, guys newb here from philly. Ive seen that tk/uk armor is having a bogo and was wondering if its any good or junk. Im 6'2 265lbs any help on where to get armor much appreciated <br> Tks
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