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  1. Hello Everyone Had a very productive time reading through this 6 year long thread - all very informative and helpful. What a great forum. So, I'm looking at finally purchasing kit - at 46 years old I'm getting no younger and want to finally achieve that childhood dream of becoming a trooper... I'm not practically minded (or confident enough) to do a build from scratch/kit so I'm, looking at a ready to go set. I've got in mind that if I'm spending a decent amount so I should really at some point go for 501st approval so I can get the most out of it, and really get involved - why invest and then leave it on a mannequin most of the time! By the looks of things a couple of the sets I'm looking at are almost 'approval' ready, bearing some minor alts which I think I should be able to deal with. So my question is this - I've narrowed it down to the RS Commission or SDS Original Standard. I know there's pros and cons for both, and that the RS has literally everything included and is made-to-measure, and to be honest it's the one I'm leaning to more. I know that the RS is the one people go for for authenticity and 'real feel', and that the SDS is a more 'polished' version. Between those two options, which would people recommend? Any comments gratefully received - and apologies if this isn't quite the thread to add this too.
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