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  1. I will try and get a better sizing picture tonight. Assuming I stick with the current sizing, should I go with 20mm cover strips to cover the entire ridge or 15mm with some ridge showing? I prefer no ridge showing but also want to be approved.
  2. One forearm and bicep trimmed! It looks like I will need to keep my cover strips at 20mm for the biceps to be comfortable while bending my arm. I don’t want to go any tighter and chance them not fitting. How does the fit look?
  3. After measuring, checking and remeasuring, I wasn’t happy with the lines I had originally marked. I saw on Ukswrath’s build that he marks the return edge first. So I clamped a steel ruler and marked the return edge right where the flat part ends and marked 10mm from those marks for my cut line. This gave me a better reference and I got a very straight line. I then clamped the steel ruler and scored the line with a razor blade and snapped it off. Now I have it sized for a 20mm cover strip and the fit is pretty good. I have a bit of room but I am worried if I size down at all my hand won’t fit.
  4. Thanks for the tips! The dashes are my cut line to get to 20mm for my next test fit. I will make sure to trim the edges on the forearm and bicep to follow the curve and reduce any pinch points.
  5. I tested the fit on the bicep for 20mm cover strips and it seems about right to bend my arm comfortably. I got the left forearm and bicep marked to 10mm per side for the first cut. For these sides, is it better to use lexan scissors and even out with sandpaper or score and snap with clamps and a straight edge? Based on my initial trimming the score and snap requires less sanding but scissors would follow the line better with the curve of the armor.
  6. I got my left forearm rough sanded and taped up as far as the overlap allows without trimming. This would leave about a 20mm ridge once butt joined and my hand just barely fits through. I think it may fit more flush with the butt join and I might be able to squeeze a few more millimeters and maybe get to the 15mm ridge and cover strip. Should I trim to 10mm per side and reassess? It is a little snug at the joint near the elbow but I can probably fix with a hot water bath once it is all trimmed. Ryan
  7. Well my son was born a few weeks ago and I was on nesting house projects prior to that. But as mom and baby sleep, I have started on my armor again. I have trimmed all of the armor and need to sand but have a question about the arms and bicep covers. I should be able to use 15mm but do y’all use 7.5mm per half? Or 8mm and 7mm?
  8. You are running 4 fans in one lipstick charger? Where is your charger in your bucket?
  9. I am trying to fit the Ukswrath 4 fan kit and speakers/amp/icomm into my helmet. I got most of it in but can’t seem to find room for the two lipstick chargers I need for the fans. I could put one in the front and one in the back to balance but may need to rewire to get to the cable to reach the front (vocoder area under the frown). Has anyone used a dual output phone charger for the 4 fan kit to take up less space? I was looking at the ones below but was hoping to get one that won’t overheat or melt next to my head... Thanks, Ryan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QXZ6DJL/ref
  10. Mark, I will post pictures as I go along prior to any trimming. I have only trimmed to the guide lines so far.
  11. Thanks for the encouragement. I tried the pieces with my undersuit and it fits better. Lesson learned on panicking too early. Now to start sanding edges and start fitting the limbs. I should be good with the 15mm on the biceps and forearms as long as my hands fit through. May have to experiment with 15mm on the front and 16-18mm on the back if needed.
  12. I got some time and have finished a rough trim for all of the large pieces. This went fine but I ran into the classic tall stormtrooper issue. I am 6'1" and it looks like I am all torso and I have a good gap in the chest/ab area. Are there any fixes for the ab/chest gap problem? Or is my only option to get a taller ab from RT-Mod and hope it matches ok?
  13. Well I ended up working 7 days this week but was able to sneak away for 30 minutes to get my trimming started. I have the biceps separated and the upper halves of one set trimmed. I had a question for the upper/outer piece. Do most people remove the entire return edge? The way that AP biceps are formed, the lower portion has no return edge which would be visible and it would make a more flush fit. It currently has a 1/8" return edge.
  14. Thanks! I will be switching those with the Ukswrath Hovi mic speakers once they come in which have the white weathering.
  15. I reassembled and added padding. 3/4' and 1/4" on top to get my eyes lined up properly. Also installed the S-trim. Waiting on my electronics and will add fans and hovi mic speakers soon. And the next step will be trimming the armor.
  16. Tube Stripes, frown and tear/trap stripes. One note with the tube stripe stencils. I let the paint dry and the edges were peeling up when I was trying to remove it. I was able to carefully cut the stencil from the paint with an exacto knife. I still had to put tape down and touch up the edges and then clean up with a toothpick and mineral spirits. In hindsight it would be easier to try and peel the stencils while the paint is still wet. Either way I think it turned out ok.
  17. The next step took a few weeks between work and paint drying. I painted the black outline first, filled in the grey and then used the trooperbay stencils for the tube stripes and tear and trap lines.
  18. I wanted the frown mesh to look clean but still be removable. Following Spyder’s tutorial I used .030 styrene and created a frame and sprayed it with plastidip. Then I super glued the mesh to the frame and applied Velcro to secure it to the interior.
  19. I prepped for spraying the plasti dip by lightly sanding the interior with 400 grit sandpaper. I left the screws in the posts and taped around them since the tape didn’t want to stick to the sugru. I used Scimitar’s plastic bag trick for the teeth.
  20. Prior to applying the plasti dip, I installed t-nuts with sugru following scimitar’s instructions. I used the trooperbay lens and traced the eyes and cut them to shape. I wanted the lens to be flush but with only 2 posts on the edges, the pressure kept popping them off. To fix this, I added a center post and two lower posts. I also used Spyder’s method of using a heat gun to shape the lens on a mixing bowl which relieved some of the tension. In hindsight the inner screws nearest the nose could be eliminated.
  21. After years of researching I finally purchased an AP trimmed helmet last year. My Tie Pilot build got in the way and after a year of procrastinating, I decided to purchase the untrimmed armor and get started. I have finished the helmet and will be posting my progress so far in a few posts.I am less confident with the trimming and assembly of the rest of the armor which is why I am starting this build thread. ~Ryan
  22. I am about to paint my ANH helmet. Do you use the gloss black for the trap and tear details or the satin black like the vocoder?
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