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  1. i know that the spats should be below , but i think they moved after i walked to the door in the armor, maybe i need to put more velcro to keep it in place better. for the ab section i think it's because of my height (1,90cm) i'll try put it a bit more high, but i think that's not possible I've sent email for approval yesterday , hope to get response before the database is closed p.s. Which storage container do you use for your armor?(if you have a stanley version to recomend that would be better)
  2. Armor build is almost over , just need to wait for the belt/pouches to arrive and put velcro in some parts
  3. Im having some problem with the forearm , i've assebled the most part of it but then this problem showed the only solution that i've found is overlapping the two pieces is this right? it needs to be trimmed maybe? also , is kinda big towards the elbow , there's some piece i can cut in order to make it smaller?(i've already glued the piece without the greeblies slots)
  4. After many weeks of stop , we are finally going forward with the build. Gaskets from Geeky Pink has arrived , gloves and blaster aswel and we've Also assembled the pieces of the legs and the abdomens section
  5. We've noticed that the back and yoke doestn fit 100%. Any suggestion on how to fix it ? or maybe is good anyway ? EDIT I saw on a guide listed above , that i can just fill it and sand it down, as shown here and here
  6. I've opened the build thread with my brother , can find it Here
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Silvio , i live in Italy. Im looking forward to join 501th with an F.O trooper . I already bought a kit (From FanMade aka Carlos) and im going to assemble it asap. Im starting this adventure with my brother who's already in 501th with an ESB Vader
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