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    I like to participate in airsoft matches when I'm free. I'm really looking forward to apart of the 501st Legion, to meet new people and attend amazing events with. I'm also a Disney AP holder.

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    Southern California Garrison
  1. Thanks justjoseph63! The link you sent over was very helpful and also gave me some insight on assembling wear! Thank you! Thanks Harbinger, I wasn't sure if I needed to create a new account for the sandtrooper detachment, even thou the outfit is special operations..
  2. Hello, fellow troopers, it's been a long time since I've been here. I don't even recall having a white armor account lol, but I do and that's a start. Wanted to ask if anybody knew where I can get a sandtrooper backpack or if its possible commission one to order? After some years of bad luck and some financial difficulties, I'm finally starting on my Novatrooper Elite Project - which I'm very excited for. I'm also having difficulties finding any prop weapons like the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle or RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle on eBay, Facebook market even Etsy Shops. I know blaster rifles are not required for application admission but would be nice as a "complete set." Thank you for your help and any information that you can provide. Yours Truly, - Craig PS: Can somebody tell me how you wear a backpack on a stormtrooper? Does it require a frame system? Straps? Velcro?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm sorry if this question has already been answered but I just wanted some input before I make a big error. Likewise thank you for your time in reading this along with your co-operation and any feedback would be most grateful. I've started some work and completed some of the limbs piece, I'm now up to the belt and was wondering should I be using the two plastic strips for it, or should I used "Vinyl material" (which I already bought) I've look on the site by TK300. http://www.tonybarnett.plus.com/beltmod.html (own and copyright by TK300) and decided to do a similar belt modification, however the only thing concerns me is that if I do purchase a radio pouch as well as blaster for the holster, I fear the weight of it may drag the belt down. Vinyl isn't strong and I couldn't find any leather type material. On the other hand if I use the two plastic strips, it be pretty difficult as I already used it for spare parts. What do you guys think? Another issue I have is head amour, I drilled the holes already but I miss calculated and drilled this hole to close to the center of the big two holes, is there any way I can fill it up? I was thinking of gluing blue-tak but I'm not sure hot glue would make it strong enough and thus causing it to make more "nasty." I could also use this for my forearm piece after hot gluing them, the edges are firmly tight but there are wider gaps in the center, so I thought I could fill it up using some plastic filler if possible. Also you know how the stormtrooper has the O2 Tank? Dose that go on the belt or somewhere else on the back piece? Any help would be most grateful!! Thanks for your time and happy thanks giving!! Yours Truly, Xurbit
  4. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new here and building my amour, first of all I like to say thanks for your time in reading this post, secondly thank you if anyone can give me some information or has sources, thirdly I really apprciate your co-operation!! Well I was going to the home depot store and was purchasing rivets, and rivet gun, however when it came to screws I wasn't sure what size is recommended. And seeing a lot of experience builders here I wanted to ask what screws did you use for putting the amour together? Also is there such a thing as "Rivet Washers" which is specific for 1/8 (3mm) rivets? Any help would be most appreciated!!! Yours Truly, Xurbit
  5. Hi guys, sorry if this question has already been answered, I'm pretty new to this whole amour thing. I was just wondering for the helmet part, dose front & back go inside the top piece of the helmet or dose it go out of the helmet? I took some pictures so you know what I mean. Picture 1 (Helmet & Back piece goes inside of helmet) or Picture 2 (Helmet & back Piece overlaps helmet) I've seen some people who did it those ways, so I was wondering which way is the proper way to do it? Any help would be most appreciated, thanks for your time and your co-operation, Yours Truly, Xurbit
  6. Well I got my amour from ebay around 300 ish USD, and its a Stormtrooper FX Armor. Brand, not really sure. Yours Truly, Xurbit
  7. Hi guys, this is Xurbit, I'm pretty to new to the whole 501st Legion, I'm a member of the SCG and I just got my amour today. *Dances* So I started to take everything out, and I relies there wasn't any instructions So dose anybody know where I can get some of the "Beginners guide" or how to put it together? I've check both SCG and online but there mostly advance instructions about modifications. Also dose anybody know where I can get those velcro with button clips so I can do the "Strap system" for the chest plate to the arm. something like this: http://home.velocitus.net/trow/tk_769/armor/straps.html Reference courtesy from TD2253, from Southern California Garrison. If anybody can help me with this, I apprciate your time and your co-op!! Yours Truly, Xurbit
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