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  1. What with the house moving and an event in neighboring Bulgaria, I had to pull away from the project for a little bit. That said, with a little help from Michael, I've checked out Trooperbay and found they might have the perfect solutions for my missing parts. Most notably, my missing spare ABS: https://www.trooperbay.com/products/star-wars-stormtrooper-white-abs-plastic-extension-strips-armor-abs-cosplay-costume-501st-1-pair And my missing helmet decals (ANH Hand painted): https://www.trooperbay.com/products/rs-props-replacement-stormtrooper-helmet-decal-set-star-wars-stunt-sandtrooper-or-empire-strikes-back-cosplay?variant=41798212157590 They have so many awesome things in here, I'm thinking of placing a bigger order, for gloves (with latext handguards), velcro, snaps, rivets, tools, glues... Would anyone possibly be available to help me with what I should grab from them? I got the lists, just gotta pair what I need in the lists with what TB has for sale. In the meantime, I should probably grab my E6000 and get back to work on the helmet.
  2. In this source, from starwarshelmets.com, I see a few helmets with 5 nose holes. Should I consider doing this, or nah?
  3. Cut out the eyes and the nose holes, also got imgur on my phone so I can upload directly
  4. That was all awesome, thank you! So, I can clear cut my eye sockets, or not, it should be fine either way. Since this is Stunt, it would seem to be more accurate most of the time, to leave it a little rough... but as personal preference, I'd go with the clean edge. Please advise if you think this would affect clearance levels. Also, I was wrong in my initial statement, RS do in fact do 4 cuts on each side, so that's what I'll go for, this also being stunt, it would make more sense, now that I've also gone through the provided refferences. Will hopefully post an update tomorrow, with my cutout progress.
  5. Do you think there will be a nasty difference if I try some random white ABS? Maybe give it some sun exposure, 1-2 days (probably not going to do much but still) TM SEEMS like a somewhat decent match to RS... might try that... In the mean time, I have started to cut the helmet holes. Not sure if I should be cutting right up to the edge on the eyes... I see in your helmet comparison that there are still some bits visible over the lens, would the absence of those prove a problem? Also, on the nose holes, in the RS video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYtykuA24wY I have seen they only cut out 3 holes on each side. Should I go for 4, or just paint the last tiny ones on the sides in black?
  6. Ok, here is my TK kit, through imgur, hopefully it works this time The film provided is dark green tint: I have a bit of dent on one of my shoulder bells, probably packing. Solvable with a heatgun?
  7. Resources are good, I'll sort through them. Ty! As for the ABS > I would like to see if anyone has RS ABS specifically. I think it's a shot, especially maybe someone from UKG or maybe even the German Garrison. Or if anyone decides to order another TK, maybe they can also ask for an extra ABS sheet and I'll pay them for it + shipping to ro? My only other shot, would be to ask one of my UK buddies to either show up at their door one day, or just buy/request an extra ABS sheet, and pay them to ship it to me. It's all borderline shady stuff, I know, but I'm not going to MacGyver another abs sheet. I don't know what I am doing, and I really don't want to mess up this armor.
  8. With a rather crowded work schedule so far, I've been slacking on photos. In the mean time, does anyone have: 1. The list of tools and extras I would need to buy? 2. Possibly a 1 stop shop for these? Whatever country it might be in. Otherwise, I'd have to source from a load of different places, and wonder if I got the right items in the right sizes (inches>mm) 3. A source for extra abs from RS Props, OTHER than RS Props, as for above mentioned reasons, they have my whole country on ignore it seems. In lieu of a single shop option, some links to the exact items in multiple stores would also work. It would take longer, but at least the sizes on things would work, and I wouldn't get stuck with off-brand knock-offs like the E6000 problems.
  9. That is just sad :)) Guess I'll have to try imgur...
  10. Can't do it from Google Drive, but you can do it from Google Photos. As posted above, all those are just links from gp Just copy & paste the image url in the post, and the forum auto-adds the bb code to make it a photo. Will use this system going forward.
  11. Hey Michael, thanks for the welcome man! Great to finally be here
  12. I will repost the images in the thread. Any specific resolutions that people prefer?
  13. Sadly, they are ignoring any messages from pretty much anyone in my country. They are probably great guys, but they've decided to completely embargo my country, on account of this one nasty recaster guy, somewhere in the west. Some of his helmets ended up on our stand at a con, for display, before we even knew what recasting was, and we've collectively been branded as supporters ever since. A sad affair, but as we are not allowed to defend ourselves in any way, there's nothing we can do about it. So my only chance for that sheet now, is to try to purchase it from someone else, or THROUGH someone else. Which still feels sort of shady. I'd rather pay RS directly, obvs.
  14. Awesome! I REALLY need the help, and do appreciate it! I've checked out the image posting thread, and understand the hosting limitations of the forum. That said, I DO use Google Drive a lot, so this should work... Here is my first image dump for now. Pulling the kit out of the box, and trying to understand things. Links here should work: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fNN-letczZV9_wtEKt9XOezDopwJPWby I think I see what you mean by the "strips". I thought there would be an ABS sheet for me to cut the strips out of. I have no clean strips in my kit. Searching the kit box ... I found something rather distressing. A badly paint spilled ... cardboard-y sheet, with the same white base as the kit... I suspect this might have been the sheet for my strips. I got a couple of photos printed in the box as well, which might have been the initial kit this other guy probably put together (or just an example, to inventory everything). UPDATE: They are inventory photos indeed, not my kit. The kit in the prints has some snaps installed, mine does not. Previous owner had printed them just for orientation. In one of them, on the side of the kit, a white sheet/board can be seen. That's what gave me the thought of a board... There are some detailed close-ups of imperfections in the armor, and the certificate, that I hope might prove wether this is an actual RS kit or not. Not knowing what I should look for, I've just lopped it in. Hopefully you guys can tell if this is legit or not. More piece by piece images soon
  15. Thank you very much sir! I think I can search through your posts and locate it. I have to see what I can assemble, without the extra ABS sheet, to start. If anyone around here has an extra RS ABS sheet, or even usable strips at this point, I would be most interested in purchasing them off you!
  16. Hello all! In my welcome message, a year ago, I had mentioned my plan to start a TK build, and the confusion it all presented me with, at the time. Since then, I have made some progress. Despite the country-wide ban from RS, due to some situation with an apparent recaster, I was able to procure what I THINK is a genuine RS Stunt kit, from an individual. It seems to be in good order, has the certificate of authenticity with a proper reflective sticker and a confirmable signature on it... So far so good. It is missing two items though: 1. The extra ABS sheet. I have ABS sheets around, but the kit is slightly off-white, and from what I understand, that is how it's supposed to be. So I will need an RS ABS sheet for assembly. 2. The various armor stickers. Not a big deal, these I should be able to resolve. That said, I will return with pictures of the armor, and am looking to Imperialboots for boots, undersuit, and other accessories. I would love to get some help with my process, as I am a noob, and the build itself is something of a daunting ritual I also hope that the pictures may help me understand if the armor is genuine RS, or a sneaky recast. I do not believe it is the latter, but I will defer to you guys on the matter.
  17. Hey all! ID-28589 here, XO from the Romanian Outpost, nice to meet you all! I've been trooping for about 3 years now, in my Line and Staff officer uniforms, and figured it was about time I invested some energy into moving forward on my life-long dream, of getting a working TK setup. I'll probably be buying in bits, as my paycheck doesn't exactly allow much room for "splurging" on a full TK set. Anovos is completely out of my mind as is So, that said, I'll be looking for some EU based vendors, but more importantly, hopefully, I can find a "guide"? To help me through this rather daunting process? I know times are rather rough with the virus and all, but as I am locked up in my house, I can at least get started. Thanks in advance, Andrei
  18. Hello all! ID-28589 Romanian Outpost, requesting 501st access, please! http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23353 Thank you, Andrei Constantinescu
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