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  1. Funny thing is when I ordered the armor my intent was to have it ready for the last Jedi! The fact that I’m gonna miss the last film that may even have first order in it is pretty enraging at this point.
  2. I was gonna make my way over to post this here too. :p
  3. I can confirm that a full shipping manifest of exactly what is in the container is required as part of entry by CBP and you are looking at serious problems if you get caught.
  4. They were too scared to publish the one I submitted asking about the flat gaskets in the photos lol.
  5. The moderation on the comments still disgusts me. I’m pretty sure they have employees writing the ones they actually approve.
  6. So far what do the experts think? If your goal with this kit is to join the 501st, is it going to be easier to shoot for TFA or TLJ approval?
  7. https://www.anovos.com/blogs/news/meeting-expectations-a-letter-from-anovos-to-our-customers?comment=23592206429#comments My thoughts are this is more of the same we have seen for over 2 years. The time for words has passed and people we’d to see actions.
  8. They are 1/3 with me. I have gotten my neck seal, armor and vest? Not so much.
  9. Did they happen to mention how much shipping was?
  10. https://www.anovos.com/blogs/news/adventures-in-thermoforming-full-metal-molds-and-inversion-casting from an email from anovos last night. My comment asking about the gaskets being so flat has not been approved.
  11. It’s anovos attempting to pad the timeline.
  12. The last email said “As there are hundreds of sets, we will be shipping out by waves while concurrently manufacturing in China starting mid-February and onward. A two month pause will occur due to Chinese New Year”
  13. Just received an email from anovos telling me I have been given an opportunity to get in on the standard kit......the same one I paid for 2 years ago and am still waiting for.......
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