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  1. did you have a problem with the screws? i have this and i cant get the screws to come out.
  2. how are these? i had a guy message one of these to me and i found the other with ALOT of looking http://www.ebay.com/...ZsAAOSwiYFXHoS8 quest design (http://www.tk1336.com/swblasters.html) and this is what they said when i emailed them "Here are a couple of pictures of what you could expect. it is made from cast resin, but there is a pvc tube cast in the centre of the barrel for some extra strength. The end cap twists on so you can put in a large spring if you wish. the rail that the scope is mounted on is made from aluminum ( so you can scratch some of the paint off of it for a more realistic look ) they are $180 USD each and approx. $28 to ship in the US. right now I am looking at 2-3 weeks thanks"
  3. yeah im waiting on a reply for them but i went to visit the link you gave me and it looks like everything is sold out haha.
  4. So im not a very handy person, ive been reading alot that people just build them out of PVC but im honestly not that creative or have the skill to do that. Is there anywhere that sells them or sells a kit? i looked on here for a little while but i just saw mostly PVC or a guy selling it for 500. Thank you for your help!
  5. hey another question! so for internal strapping number 7! do i need both tandy and fastnap? and if so what do i need at fastnap? all 14 items that shows up? sorry for all the questions im just trying to order everything today!
  6. Thank you for your help! I dont know why it double posted!
  7. I'm sorry if this has been asked already I didn't see it! But are those the same (the one that's out of stock and the one that's in stock) cuz I dont know what the difference is minus the 831 and 201 i dont know what that stands for. I'm new to all this so sorry for the noob question Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Oh alright sweet! Thank you for the help! I was making sure before I ordered!
  9. So im about to order my armor from this site (http://www.anovos.com/collections/star-wars/products/star-wars-classic-trilogy-imperial-stormtrooper-pre-order) and i was wondering if i should order a little bigger. im a size 32 in pants but im wondering if i should order a 33-36 (large) because cant i make it work for me? i just wanna make sure im good before wasting 700 dollars
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