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  1. You did a fantastic job on this! I have a blaster coming from Brett as well and will strive to make it look as good as yours! Was hoping I could ask a couple questions: 1. What technique did you use to get the gunmetal finish on the body? Did you use a gunmetal wash over the black or dry brush technique (or both maybe)? 2. How did you hollow out the scope and where did you find the lenses? Again, great work! Also curious...do you actually troop with this, or is it primarily for display?
  2. Got mine yesterday as well. Their service seems great and I'm very happy with the quality of the boots. They are fairly comfortable right out of the box, and I know they will get much more so once they are broken in a bit. Got mine from their store on eBay, which made the transaction super simple. They threw in a couple shoe horns and a patch as well, which was a nice touch. Now if Anovos would just send me my TK armor!
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