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  1. Not to stir the pot, but a re-caster of armor should be able to simply measure the thickness of said armor with a caliper. or am I just making this sound to simple?
  2. I'm still waiting for my ATA "Sandy" Armor. I got the helmet. and I'm of the same opinion. It's intimidating! I hope to get the Helmet done over this weekend, but the ears are really bothering me. I plan on spotting this weekend for my local garrison and hope someone is wearing a "Sandy", cause that's what I want to build. After I get this one done and approved I really want to build either a "Shock Trooper/Sandy" combination or a "Death Trooper". But 1 Build at a time. Any New Jersey "Sandy that could give me some pointers, please PM me! Thanks!
  3. I've had the same issue. I guess I have to ask me questions? Just didn't want to clutter up the message boards with un-necessary BS.
  4. I have a pot with a really bad paint job. I will try the oven cleaning and will advise... Thanks! (hopefully in advance!)
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