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  1. Not sure if you are posting trusted vendors for Commission work, but I've done about 20 commissions specifically for FOTK as well as other sets of armor. But I started with FOTK commissions. No worries if that isn't the type of thing being posted.
  2. I do FOTK build commissions. I partner with 850 armor and have built two of their FOTK kits so far. Price for the commission work will range from 750-900.00 including supplies and depends on options. I built the armor to the standard size and leave final fit to the end user. This price is for labor only. I can help a customer secure every piece that is needed for the finished build.
  3. Hey All,<br><br> I am new to the forum but not new to trooping. I have a Vader, TK, and Fett. I am looking to begin armor for my sons. My oldest would die for a biker scout and I am wondering if anyone knows of anyone who could help point me in the right direction to begin building the hard parts. <br><br> Additonally, I am wondering about beginning my own first order trooper. Is there a different forum for that? <br><br> I was here years ago, then 5 kids, glad to be back. Thanks all!
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