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  1. Who the heck has gotten one? I came here to see if anyone has finally received product...guess this release was a lie too...
  2. Is there a specific color I’m looking for? I know that there can be some oddly specific colors.
  3. Yeah - I,too, would like to know if anyone has any info on this. Anovos was of NO HELP when it came to paint to use on this thing. So mine is still sitting, unassembled, in its box.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to make that grip functional.
  5. Also, the front stock is one molded piece that is not configurable. I have one from the last batch. Whole thing is orange and will be fine when I assemble it, but is not able to be upgraded for higher approval. I’ll need to get a different kit in order to have it get Centurian.
  6. The email states that the armor can be built either for TFA or TLJ. I think contacting ANOVOS about bucket clarification is a solid idea though.
  7. The ab plate is the same as the sand trooper, and they have a different ab button set up.
  8. Possibly a silly question, did you have to cut the kidney plate, or did you just create the notch in the shim?
  9. Where do you get the ABS to complete this task? Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do this? I need to make up about 6" on each side currently (hopefully less in the future, lol), and I want to make sure I do it right so I can get approved and move on to the higher approval levels.
  10. Trimming is going well, will post pics later - but I'm noticing my spare tire is keeping the ab plate from the kidney plate. 6" on each side.
  11. Thanks guys!!!! I plan on posting a lot pics because I want to make sure I'm doing it RIGHT not FAST. I'll be trying to build it to Cent spec, because...why not?
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first build EVER, and I gotta say I am very excited. It looks like all of my pulls are pretty good, but I haven't started trimming yet. It seems like the belt has a good length for the drop boxes? But, of course, I will follow the advice of more experienced folks Would it be wise to starch the belt to stiffen it up? Obligatory Brown Box photo... Unboxing... The first layer... Second layer... The belt, with four Chicago screws... I will need to get a new belt, huh? Helmet. More to come...
  13. Not sure if its relevant, but I seem to remember ANOVOS making SOME adjustments in the arm area to ensure more comfortable trooping... (they posted pictures of Shadow armor on their FB) Could this be one of those adjustments?
  14. It was possible to file a ticket and ask them to leave the helmet unassembled. I remember reading that reply on their FB group.
  15. According to the tracking number, it states "physical signature required" - soooo...
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