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  1. Some quick photo's of some stuff I made. The helmet in the first picture is a resin one, so that doesn't count. De blaster is made of black PLA plastic and has been photographed as it came of the print bed. No finishing yet/ The picture below is me in white (suit from RS propmaster, great stuff) and a trooper friend/ fire department collegue of mine (who has very recently passed away) in a fully 3d printed armor of a shock trooper. Eveything except the textile, the boots and the lenses were made with a prusa i3 printer. Just to give you an idea of what is possible
  2. I've got a i3 prusa model with 20x20x20 cm print bed and a self made printer 50x50x50 print bed. I use mostly pla and abs plastic. Has a 3D topic with a list of items been openend yet? i have plenty more files than previously mentioned. <br><br> I would also like to mention that I can print a lot bigger than a keyring without hours of finishing
  3. All formats are compatible, no problem, the most commonly used format is LST. Most, if not all, 3d printers will be able to work with this file format.
  4. I've been preparing files for this list but I'm not sure if this platform can handle 3d-files. Some of them might already be known to the 3d users, some of them will be new. If anyone needs any of the following files, let me know. Some of it is ours, some of it is rebel scum stuff For the moment I've got the following items: -E11 Stormtrooper blaster -Scout trooper blaster - several lightsabres - a naboo blaster - a jawa ion blaster - princess leia blaster - boba fett E33 blaster - Poe Damerons blaster from VII - a mandalorian helmet - Han solo's blaster - a handheld comlink - an impact grenade - a fragmentation grenade - Zam Wesell blaster - NN-44 - The Episode VII Stormtrooper blaster - A wearable stormtrooper helmet - A wearable scout trooper helmet - Boba fett's rocket - A DC-17 clone trooper blaster - R2D2 full scale - Battle droid full scale - MSE-6 mouse droid full scale I'm currently working on several other things, like the add-ons for the MG 34, an Mg 15, ...
  5. Hi Guys, I noticed some of you are working with 3d models and or printers. I was wondering if there was a list of files (drawings and/or printable files) on the forum that brought all the files together under 1 topic? If not, would this be something that would be found useful? Not for selling or anything monetary, just for the fun of it. I personnaly have some files on my computer that I could share with you all if needed. Any constructive comment would be appreciated
  6. Quick question: I believe the DLT's in ANH were German WWII MG34's? Were these altered in any way? Were parts added or deleted, and did the stormtroopers carry the real thing or a plastic model of the gun? Might be a stupid question, but I've got an MG at home, that's why I'm asking
  7. Hello Guys! I've been a SW fan for years and I've been looking around the forum for quite some time now. So decided to join up. A whole new world has openend up to me! I'm looking to join up with the Belgian garrison NT. I placed an order for a stromtrooper full commission at RSprops, I figured I couldn't go wrong with that!
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