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  1. Hello everyone! So my BBB came in on Monday and I got the opportunity to unbox it. Goodness what have I gotten myself into?? lol After unboxing, I realize that that is a lot of plastic. Thankfully I have a couple local friends that have built this exact kit before. I do have one question before I get started. I know the OT stuff was not the most symmetrical in the world (or... at all... lol), but I noticed a huge difference in the two forearm pieces.... is this normal? Hoping to start on the arms this weekend.... once I get up the nerve to start cutting into something so expensive lol!
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm hoping to start playing around with the strapping system this weekend! I'm nervous to start cutting plastic until I meet up with a friend who built the same kit. And I am already a member of GT; Serenno Squad on deployment Seinar Fleet Squad ;-)
  3. Hi everyone! I recently purchased an AM 2 kit to assemble! I've been lurking on here for a few years and currently have a TIE. I'm thinking I am going to do a Stunt ANH. So... time to go research!
  4. To be fair, the shoulder piece was glued to the back plate as well as the front piece. That may be why they said it was garbage. I originally posted a FS on the Legion boards, but I thought I might get more interest here. Thanks for the info!!
  5. So this may be a stupid question or may be in the wrong place, but is there a market for old FX kits? I know the helmet is bad, but what about the rest of it? I have a partially assembled kit I want to offload from about 10 years ago and I've gotten responses varying from "Complete garbage" to "Totally workable"
  6. IC-10531 Requesting 501st access, thanks! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=23779&costumeID=73
  7. Thanks! I'm in Blacksburg, near Roanoke, and yeah, I've signed up for Garrison Tyranus. I haven't been "authorized" or what not yet.
  8. Hey everybody! My name is Chris and I am planning on giving this whole thing a shot. I have a buddy with a TK suit (and I eventually want to do that build as well) but being a non-traditional college student, armor is a bit out of my budget ATM. While I'm saving for my armor, I plan on getting my foot in the door with an officer uni. I've signed up over at IOC as well. My buddy suggested I sign on up here anyway, since I do eventually plan on doing a TK build. Since I largely have no clue what I'm doing, any advice is appreciated, thanks!
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