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  1. FOREARM SOLVED Now we know how to assemble the forearms and will proceed to do so in a few days! We also made the first holster for our kit, and looks really good (File on Thingverse). We'll make the second ASAP (I'm currently helping my brother Ase so that he can join in the first month of 2019 i hope, so i'm reaaally back with my kit). I know i'ts a long shot, but does somebody have a 3D print file for the Rails in the forearms? Our kits had none!
  2. Hello again to all! Here are our current progress: Thermal Detonator: First Fit-Test Current status (Trimmered, glued and now waiting untill tomorrow for filling the gaps and sanding): Back/Yoke (Trimmered both on the sides to fit better the union pieces to the Yoke. Hope tomorrow to glue them and the back too) Abdomen back side ( Ase Abdomen back side has been cut in half for a better fitting, since that part, with the front, was way too large for him) Spats (This is where the situation gets a little tricky, we are not sure if the part in Yellow should be all cut off for a better fitting or not. The CRL shows that the greeblie is not attached to the surface of the spats but if you can help us decide what to do we'll be glad!) Little Note: Both the DX Splats closure pieces does not stay exactly in position (as foto show down below). Still i think that with the help of velcro this problem can be solved. Thank you all guys again for the help!
  3. Thank you all! We've looked the guides/building thread and will start with the assembly of the back/yoke and chest plate! Also, will ask to ImperialGaskets for the gaskets Hope to post more progress in the next days!
  4. Thanks everyone! Build thread open with my brother here
  5. Hello again! This tread is combined for me and my brother (Ase95 here on the forum) as we'll work both our armors together. My brother want's to make an Executioner armor, i'm going for a normal TKFO from TLJ instead The armors are made from Fan Made (Carlos Estrella), i'll post some pictures. We don't have any experience in building TK armors, so we're currently looking at some others build/guide to learn how to assemble all. If you can suggest some very dettailed guide to follow, we'll be glad! We've saw that some pieces (biceps, things, shins) can be overlapped in the seams, and we saw that our pieces have the extra plastic to allow that. PHOTO: We've put kinda all of the TKFO's kit parts on the table also, but with only 1 side for leg/arms for space issue DUCKTAPE FIT TEST
  6. Requesting 501st access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26617&costumeID=95
  7. Hello! I'm Andrea, i'm already in 501st with my ESB Vader and with my brother i'm now assembling a TKFO (one for me and one for him) from TLJ (and also have a TFA helmet). I hope to start the assembling soon, the kit is from Fan Made (Carlos Estrella).
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