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  1. I have shorten the strips. i will try them on once the adhesive has dried
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. any ideas on how to bring the bells in or widen them? they are the RS PVC stock. also looking on the CRL it dose not say as far as I can see that they should or should not be painted. just states the following - Two small snaps are present on the lower center tab of the posterior armor. -Snaps do not need to be functional If need be I can remove the paint
  3. It has occurred to me that my bells were caught on the edge of my bicep armor in the above pictures making them stand on end. I have included two more pictures mor recently that show them sitting more naturally. if I need to resubmit please let me know.
  4. Also Im looking on the ESB CRL and notice two different blasters being shown. one ESB and one e11 blaster (promo) i wonder what is the difference as the promo says remove d-ring and the other requires it. just for clarification
  5. Thanks Star, Any ways or places i can get this accomplished for the D ring. this is the stock one that came from RS. I cant wait to get the official approval for EIB. hoping to eventually work towards centurion if possible. The constructive criticism and suggestions are well recieved
  6. Name: Michael Wayne Guzman 501st Id: TK-42104 FISD Forum Name: Rumrunner8864 Garrison: Empire City Garrison 501st STATUS: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21336 Mandatory Information Armor: RS Prop Masters Commission Helmet: RS Prop Masters Commission Blaster: E-11 ESB RS Prop Masters Commission Optional Height: 6'00 Weight: 222 lbs Boots: TK Boots Canvas Belt: RS Prop Masters Commission Hand Plates: RS Prop Masters Commission Neck Seal: RS Prop Masters Commission Holster Maker: RS Prop Masters Commission Electronics: Icomm and amp
  7. Please Enable me for 501 Access TK-42104 Empire City Garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21336
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