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  1. Hey everyone! Reporting in from Northwest Montana (Timberline Garrison), got my BBB a month ago and already dove into construction before thinking to start a build thread! My bucket has been complete for a while, so my focus now is body armor. It is an ATA ANH kit and I'm going for centurion first time out simply because I've been collecting all the little, required parts and researching here for the past year (Too optimistic? We'll see!) I'll follow up with pics and more details soon once I get some time.
  2. Alright, problem solved. I decided to redrill just a hair lower on the left and that closed the gap in and fixed the brow height at the same time. Sent from my Sony Xperia Z3 via Tapatalk
  3. Update on me: put in my order for an ATA kit. Just got my helmet and the armor should be here in 10 months. Woohoo! Sent from my Sony Xperia Z3 via Tapatalk
  4. Thanks guys. I'm thinking I'll drill a new hole in the face about 1/4" lower to bring the brow down. Can you point me to a good reference pic of an ideal brow height? Sent from my Sony Xperia Z3 via Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys, So I have made a lot of progress on my first time build and after connecting (pre-rivets) the cap/back to the face, I ran into some strange alignment and was hoping you could take a look and recommend adjustments. Here are the pics: Left: Front: Right: Problem area: Did I drill in the wrong place or should I just pinch that section in and rivet it? Sent from my Sony Xperia Z3 via Tapatalk
  6. I just ordered some 8mm x 1mm neodymium magnets for my helmet build for really cheap. I figured I could just stack them to increase strength. I'll touch base with you and let you know how they work--or maybe someone else on the thread has tried them already? P.S. *Fistbump* for having the same username. Sent from my D6708 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the welcomes and lots of great resources. After reading http://www.whitearmo...e-to-find-them/, I'm leaning AM since I am 6' 200 lbs. On my way to that thread for opinions.
  8. Hi everyone! I was inspired to join the 501st after seeing a video of HelloGreedo doing an event at a local school. I think this is an awesome way to show my Star Wars fandom as well as give back to the community. Already poring over different all the CRLs to decide my specific build. Excited to get started!
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