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  1. Bill, Thanks for your words of wisdom. I am using the exact combination and brands that you are using. I think the problem is, I am rushing the layers, not letting it dry long enough and the humidity has been a bit high here in the DFW area of Texas. I also noticed that after I put on the Glaze layer that a lot of the sticky went away, so I think I need to make sure I have the correct number of glaze layers, like you suggest, and it will be fine. Thanks for all the info, help and web site. Oh, did you ever get your suit? Wayne
  2. Bill, First of all let me say that this is a FANTASTIC tutorial. Love it. I am doing the suit for my 8 year old daughter for the premiere of Episode VII for next Thursday night. I just have one question... Did you or anyone else have problems with the armor being "sticky" to the touch after doing all the steps? Just curious. Thanks for your help. I will send pics when completed. Wayne
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