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  1. Cheers fellas appreciate the comments! Chris the cylinders are on with magnets (I think they're 5x0.5 mm) about 6 of 'em. Art - The finish I went for is this http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/rust-oleum-black---matt-paint---250ml-125048 Which I stippled on to get a textured finish, Two coats, I tried other paints but they just rubbed off! This is good stuff though.
  2. Hi Chris, thanks mate, guess I could use some perspex rods that'd be cool. I'm in UK lincolnshire. Yeah not sure why this one is welded from the sides, different place of deactivation I s'pose.
  3. Greetings my fellow Imperial brethren. Here is my attempt at the legendary E-11. Made from a deac Stirling with scratch built power cylinders and a stand to mimic the white armor of the Empire. There are quite a few pics from the various stages of the build. i.e as the Stirling came to me, after stripping, cylinder in various stages of construction and finished blaster. Hope you like and many thanks to this forum for guidelines and invaluable knowledge that help me out a ton, because it was not a straight forward build as alot of you may know! Cheers. Stirling as it came. Cutting the Mag Down Stripped Cylinder construction Finished Blaster & Stand
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, I will take your advise and research like dog chasing a bone! White armor is a great place to be, interesting/informative I should learn alot here!
  5. Greetings all, its been a dream of mine for about 3 decades to own a set of of white armor! Well hell, I'm finally gonna do it. Thinking i'll go the RS kit build and take it from there. Some awesome threads here that inspired me to get stuck in! Right now I just gotta raid the loft and go ebay mad to raise some pennies, many many pennies! Russ
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